The 10 Most Popular Activities in Myrtle Beach, US

Make the most out of your Grand Strand vacation. Hit the top tourist attractions and engage in some special activities to ensure a memorable trip.

Compared to Charleston, which has a much more historical vibe, Myrtle Beach is where you go in South Carolina to have some fun.

You can get to do pretty much anything here – from retail therapy, helicopter rides, water sports, and everything in between. It’s really a resort town, which is why it gets so much tourist activity.

Unsure about where to head to first? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Spend a Day at the Beach

One of the top free things to do in Myrtle Beach is to take advantage of the very mild waves. The light brown sand creates a gorgeous shoreline, but the calmness of the water remains the main draw in this part of the Carolina shoreline.

Try your luck at deep-sea fishing. Teach your kids how to swim or venture off on a jet ski to have some real fun. 

Note that you’ll find parking in the area. But you’ll get access to more facilities if you’re staying at a Myrtle Beach hotel or rental property. 

  1. Visit the Top Entertainment Complex

If you want to find the best places to eat in Myrtle Beach, then head over to Broadway at the Beach.

It’s the area’s most extensive entertainment complex, complete with shopping strips and many eateries. You can even dine on water or on dry land before or after exploring its many attractions.

Understandably, Broadway at the Beach is often very crowded. But it offers everything you might need, including firework displays all summer long and many family-friendly festivals to go along with the nightclubs and other venues.

  1. Explore Myrtle Beach State Park

If you love the outdoors, you’ll appreciate spending time in the state park. 

It has 312 acres of mostly untamed wilderness, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find the necessary facilities and even a nature center. 

You can interact with South Carolina wildlife, have a picnic, and go surf fishing. And if a day trip isn’t enough, you can even spend the night at a campsite. What’s more, you can relax at the equestrian facilities after hiking a couple of trails. 

Roaming around the park is one of the top things to do in Myrtle Beach, especially when trying to escape the beach crowds.

  1. Get Your Thrills at the Tracks

The Broadway Grand Prix is among the most popular Myrtle Beach attractions. It’s a go-to spot for adrenaline seekers and families.

What was once the NASCAR Speedpark is now an elaborate complex with a series of go-kart tracks. You can also spend some quality family time on the car-themed mini-golf course.

Other fun features of the park include the arcade, rock climbing wall, and a roller coaster. The park is a fantastic place to kill a few hours, especially when you’re not hitting the Beach.

  1. Visit the Ripley’s Aquarium

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk among sharks and other dangerous marine life? Ripley’s aquarium can give you that experience.

Take a trip along a 340-foot tunnel surrounded by sharks, eels, tarpons, and other sea creatures. And upon exiting the Dangerous Reef display, head over to the Discovery Center exhibit. You’ll get to see pufferfish and horseshoe crabs. But the main attraction is the opportunity to swim with the stingrays.

To get an even better experience, try touring the aquarium on sunny days. Rainy days draw in massive crowds.

  1. Have A Challenging Round of Mini-Golf

You’ll find no shortage of miniature golf courses scattered around Myrtle Beach. But if there’s one that reigns supreme, it has to be the Mt. Atlanticus course.

Putting through all the 36 holes of both the Conch and Minotaur courses is considered to be one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach.

Mini-golf is a family-friendly activity with challenging obstacles, affordable fees, and chances to win amazing prizes – like free games for life if you hit a hole-in-one on the last stop.

  1. Spend An Afternoon at the WonderWorks Myrtle Beach

Don’t think of this as a traditional science museum. Instead, this is an experience your kids won’t forget.

Each interactive exhibit has its own theme. These areas are designated as WonderZones and can cover anything from natural disasters, art, space exploration, and even physical challenges.

You can also take everyone’s excitement levels one step higher.

Have some fun in the laser tag arena or on the glow-in-the-dark rope course. Then, experience the 6D Extreme theater where you get to see films complete with environmental and motion effects.

WonderWorks is undeniably one of the most popular Myrtle Beach attractions for all ages.

  1. Take Some Amazing Photos

If you’re looking for a terrific vantage point to snap some aerial photos of Myrtle Beach, look no further than the SkyWheel.

The ride has 42 gondolas, with each one sitting up to six people. It’s actually a comfy ride that also features a VIP experience. For an additional fee, you can book a 20-minute ride in a gondola with a glass floor that gives you an unobstructed view of the surrounding area.

Even a picture of the SkyWheel itself is worth taking, given that it comes alive at night, glowing with the light of a million LEDs.

  1. Roam Around the Brookgreen Gardens

If you’re interested in more relaxing things to do in Myrtle Beach, the grounds of Brookgreen Gardens have you covered.

It’s a massive 9,127-acre property that houses a botanical garden and a wildlife preserve. That means you have miles of paths to explore and go on fantastic nature walks.

Admire the natural art gallery, go on a boat ride, or take any of the many historical tours of the plantation and Civil War Fort. There’s plenty to do here for everyone.

  1. Visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Myrtle Beach is where you can find the legendary Odditorium of the popular TV show. It’s a super fun location to visit, especially if you want to see some bizarre artifacts and works of art.

The interactive exhibits are also cool. These include the 5D Moving Theater, a big arcade, mirror maze, and even a laser tag arena. Just don’t get spooked because, apparently, the laser tag arena is haunted.

Visiting Ripley’s is one of the unique things to do in Myrtle Beach, so make sure to add it to your itinerary.

There’s Never a Dull Moment

Whether it’s hot or rainy out, Myrtle Beach offers plenty of outdoor and indoor places to escape. You can interact with animals and see marine life, and so much more. And when it comes to family activities, the city doesn’t miss a beat.

Use these suggestions as a guide to creating your ideal Myrtle Beach itinerary. Just don’t forget that there’s more for you to discover.

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The 10 Most Popular Activities in Myrtle Beach, US