The 10 Reasons You Should Visit Portland, Oregon

The 10 Reasons You Should Visit Portland, Oregon

Are you looking for the next exciting destination to visit? Portland, the largest city in Oregon, has a lot to offer to both urban street lovers and those looking for some quiet nature time.

Whether you prefer a relaxed trip or an active vacation, Portland should be on your must-visit list.

This beautiful city has everything – museums, historical sights, parks, hiking trails, shopping malls, and more. And, if you so prefer, you can even find plenty of fun stuff to do without spending a lot. You’ll likely enjoy the people of Portland and their colorful hippie lifestyle no matter your interest.

Do you need any more convincing that this should be your next travel destination?

Here’s a list of 10 reasons you should visit Portland, Oregon.

1. Spectacular Nature Sites for Hiking and Biking

Spectacular Nature Sites for Biking Portland

You can’t talk about Portland without mentioning that it’s one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US.

Most commuters here bike to work, so it’s a logical choice to explore Portland on wheels.

But besides biking along the gorgeous Willamette River, you can also go hiking. And if your idea of leisure time is exploring nature, don’t miss the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The best hiking trails in Portland are in Forest Park, which covers more than 5,000 acres of forest.

2. Funky Downtown Area

City Center City Center Portland

Downtown Portland is an ideal place to stay. It gives you easy access to all the activities and sights that you might want to see.

Wherever you’re staying in Portland, taking a walk through the city center should be on your to-do list. It’s the perfect mix of different lifestyles that make Portland so unique.

Start from the hippie Hawthorne Boulevard in the Southeast, where you may not resist buying some funky indie clothes. Finish the walk at Alberta Street in the Northeast, where you can visit art galleries or have a cup of coffee in a café.

It’s like visiting many cities in one, which makes it one of the best reasons to visit Portland, Oregon.

3. Colorful Saturday Market

Saturday Market Saturday Market Portland

If you don’t have a lot of time to explore the city, you’ll want to stop by the Portland Saturday Market. It’s everything in one place – from kombucha and ethereal oils to handmade jewelry and clothes.

There are also a few delicious bites to grab along the way. And for souvenir hunters, there’s no better place in Portland. That’s because the market is also known for natural cosmetics, if you’re into those.

4. A Heaven for Foodies

food carts Portland

Food trucks are in almost every corner of Portland. That’s why one thing is for certain – you’ll never go hungry in this city.

The food cart culture is unique to Portland and you’ll find a wide variety of snacks everywhere you go. In fact, some even claim that there are more than 500 food trucks all over the city.

The best thing about the food carts?

They’re not restricted to local fast food. That’s because you’ll find African, Indonesian, and Greek foods, grilled cheese, crepes, and a whole lot more.

5. Want to Become More Eco-Friendly?

Organic vegan food Portland

The citizens of Portland are huge fans of vegan food, organic skincare products, and a zero-waste lifestyle – pretty much everything that has something to do with sustainability.

They’re not just followers of trends either, but rather strong, almost fanatical believers. That’s why you’ll have numerous opportunities to check out local businesses, buy organic products, and even try organic beer.

6. A Bookworm’s Favorite Place

Powell's City of Books Powell's City of Books Portland

Here’s something a book lover will adore.

Did you know that Powell’s City of Books has over one million books? That’s why if you love visiting libraries and book stores around the world, this is why you should visit Portland, Oregon as well.

Besides a large number of titles, both new and second-hand, this famous bookstore also has a cozy coffee shop. You can enjoy reading your new book there or attend workshops, readings, book clubs, and panel discussions.

7. A Dash of Orient in the Japanese and Chinese Gardens

Portland Japanese Garden Portland Japanese Garden Portland

To honor the ties between Oregon and Japan, the city built the Portland Japanese Garden. It’s a serene place to enjoy the beauty of nature. And if you want to complete your experience here, you can go on a mindfulness tour or try Japanese tea and food in the Umami Café.

The Chinese Garden also feels like an oasis in the middle of Portland. It’s also where you can enjoy activities like tea tastings or mahjong. You can even see native Chinese plants brought here to complement the walkways and buildings. The architecture was originally created by local artisans from Suzhou, Portland’s sister city in China.

8. Are You an Art Lover?

Portland’s Art Museum Portland’s Art Museum Portland

You might not need other reasons to visit Portland other than Portland’s Art Museum.

That’s because no other museum in the Pacific Northwest has such a long tradition. Founded in 1892, it has an impressive collection on display. It includes photography, Northwest and Asian art, Native American artifacts, just to name a few.

Not to mention, it’s home to Van Gogh’s Cart with Black Ox painting.

9. Craft Beer & Fine Wine

Craft Beer & Fine Wine Portland

Anyone will appreciate Portland’s fantastic offer of craft beers. After all, there are close to 70 breweries in this city that churn out a wide range of local brews and organic beers.

While you may think of California at the first mention of Pinot, but Portland also has a number of incredible wineries. And one of them being the cozy Winter’s Hill Estate Vineyard & Winery. But if you’re not up for a short trip to get there, you can also sample the local wine at Portland bars.

10. Hundred-Years-Old Architecture

The Pittock Mansion The Pittock Mansion Portland

The Pittock Mansion is just one of the historical sites that will draw your attention while in Portland. Built in 1914, it belonged to the founder of The Oregonian, Henry Pittock, who only lived there for five years before he died.

The building was considered to be very advanced for its time. Luckily, it avoided demolition around 60 years ago. That’s because the city bought the mansion and restored it as one of the attractions of Portland.

The Weirdest City in the World

These are the top 10 reasons you should visit Portland, arguably the weirdest city in the world. And when we say weird, we mean it with utter respect and love for this unique place.

Funky, liberal, and seemingly always on the go, Portland offers a dynamic stay that’s full of exciting new experiences. Whether you prefer to do nothing or go outdoors, hiking, and biking, you’ll always find something great to do here.

So, have you started packing? Portland and its weirdness are waiting.

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The 10 Reasons You Should Visit Portland, Oregon