Top 10 Activities for a Fun Budapest Vacation

Whether you’re looking for history, culture, nature, or plain fun, Budapest is a European gem that will provide everything you need for a fantastic holiday.

As one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest is a real tourist magnet. The capital of Hungary boasts stunning architecture, picturesque historical sites, and plenty of activities that make every vacation in the city memorable and filled with fun.

From enjoying unique attractions to immersing yourself in mesmerizing sights, here are the 10 most interesting things to see and do on your next vacation in Budapest.

  1. Take a Swim at the Gellert Baths

There are many amazing spas in Hungary, but the one in the country’s capital is certainly among the most impressive. 

The Gellert Baths and Spa is an Art Nouveau complex containing several pools and saunas within its gorgeous interior. 

While the spa, which is over a century old, suffered severe damage in World War II, the 2008 renovation efforts brought it back to its original look. Now, its swimming, wave, and plunge pools sit among the same stylistic delights as they were in 1918 at the end of the spa’s construction.

  1. Explore Margaret Island

The lush Margaret Island is located in the Danube. It’s the ideal refuge from the hustle of the city, filled with parkland and natural and historical beauty. If you’re up for some jogging or just want to enjoy the peace and serenity of the landscape, there are few sites in Budapest that can compare.

You can visit the medieval ruins on the island, listen to the birds gathering at the aviary, or simply take a run along the circular track that spans a bit over 3.5 miles.

  1. Give Yourself the Creeps at The House of Terror

For a more intense dive into the darker side of Budapest’s history, make sure to visit the exhibitions at the House of Terror. The very building that houses this macabre museum has about as sinister a background as one could imagine. 

First, the Arrow Cross, the Hungarian fascist party, made the site its headquarters. Then, when the communist regime replaced the fascists, it became a state security prison. 

If seeing authentic basement prison areas and victim testimonials isn’t your cup of tea, know that the House of Terror holds other exhibitions. 

  1. Spend an Evening at the Opera

Opening in 1884, the Hungarian State Opera House counts among the world’s best in terms of the performances it houses. However, don’t let the exclusive aura of this institution drive you away – you can often find tickets starting from less than $2!

Even those who don’t enjoy opera can still find it worth their while to visit the site. The building is done in a Neo-Renaissance style and you can take a guided tour through one of the most recognizable Budapest attractions.

  1. Make Your Way Around the Invisible Exhibition

The best exhibitions find a way to give you a memorable, meaningful experience, and this one does that to a great extent. The Invisible Exhibition allows you to spend some time as a completely blind person, learning to appreciate the challenges of everyday life without eyesight.

You’ll go through several rooms with no light sources and visit different environments on the tour before finishing the experience with a dinner in complete darkness.

  1. Lose Yourself in a Fantasy Castle

The Fisherman’s Bastion might seem medieval to the untrained eye. However, some of its Disney-esque features reveal the monument’s relatively younger age. 

But don’t be fooled – this Neo-Gothic castle doesn’t have a defensive purpose. Instead, it’s a viewing platform that offers breathtaking sights of Budapest, the Danube, and the gorgeous Margaret Island.

  1. Visit a Real Fortress

Head to the top of Gellert Hill if you want to see a real historic defensive structure. There you’ll find the Citadel, a strategic stronghold overlooking the city. 

The Hapsburg dynasty built the Citadel to strengthen their presence in Hungary after a war for independence sparked in the country.

Now that armies of tourists have replaced armed troops, you’ll find that the Citadel is home to a historical museum, hotel, and restaurant. 

  1. Go Back to Ancient Times

The urban history of Budapest reaches back to the period of the ancient Roman Empire when the city of Aquincum covered the area. Aquincum was one of the crucial Roman settlements and military bases. 

Today, only the ruins, relics, and replicas are left to tell the historic tale of the sprawling city. While the original structures are mostly long gone, the ruins can allow those with a vivid imagination to visit the ancient bathhouse, amphitheater, and several other Roman buildings.

  1. Enjoy the Gorgeous City Park

If you want to enjoy various sports, visit the zoo, and catch a circus show all in the same location, then the City Park in Budapest is the perfect place for you. This idyllic location houses, among others, the Botanical Gardens, a beautiful boating lake, and the Vajdahunyad Castle, which is now a museum.

There are enough activities in the City Park to last you an entire day, and the appealing environment will certainly be worth repeated visits.

  1. Walk Down Andrassy Avenue

This downtown boulevard is more than an extensive walkway. Andrassy Avenue is, in fact, a World Heritage Site. And if you follow it from the City Park to Erzsebet Square, you’ll quickly understand why.

The boulevard showcases some of the best examples of Budapest architecture and you’ll also find many of the city’s attractions on the Avenue.

Have an Amazing Vacation in Budapest

Once you discover everything that the city has to offer, it will become one of your favorite vacation destinations. 

The city’s lively, beautiful, and full of exciting activities and sights. Even better, Budapest has plenty of natural beauties that blend with the architecture perfectly instead of an urban landscape taking over the surroundings.

Budapest is a memorable vacation location that will leave you wanting more.

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Top 10 Activities for a Fun Budapest Vacation