10 Unique Things to Do in Seoul

A colorful, lively metropolis teeming with authenticity and fun, Seoul is a place everyone should visit at least once. And when you go there, you’ll be all but guaranteed to come back.

To say that Seoul is a massive city would be something of an understatement. The capital of South Korea has almost 10 million people, and it’s both a national and global powerhouse of culture and economy.

You’ll notice a fascinating mixture of the old and the new in Seoul. It’s present in the architectural make-up of the city as well as its culture. And when it comes to activities for visitors, there are plenty that you couldn’t experience anywhere else. 

Without further ado, here are the 10 unique things to do in Seoul.

  1. Get Tricked at a Museum

The Trick Eye Museum in Seoul is a place of art, illusion, and great fun. It’s a gallery that uses various illusions, both in 2D and 3D, to make its exhibits come to life.

Want to know the best part? Your photos can become a part of the display! Now, we won’t explain how exactly to avoid spoiling the experience.

The place also houses the Ice Museum and a cafe where you can order coffee with your selected photo done in latte art.

  1. Have a Snack at the Market

Tongin Market started as a Japanese market during the Japanese occupation at the time of World War II. As soon as Korea regained its independence after the war, the market closed. Luckily, it reopened after a few decades – now with a fun and authentic feature.

When you visit the Tongin Market, you’ll see plenty of so-called “lunch box” cafes. In these eateries, you can purchase old coins that you can then use to buy lunch box items all throughout the market. 

Simply go from one stall to the other and select the food you want – you’ll end up with a delicious, and rather cheap, meal.

  1. Spend a Couple of Days at the Temple

Jogyesa is a Buddhist temple in Seoul that’s become as much a tourist magnet as it is a central location of religion and culture. The temple’s located downtown and it’s about seven centuries old, housing various lectures, events, and rituals.

You can participate in the everyday life of Jogyesa by booking an overnight stay. This includes staying at the temple for two days and one night and engaging in various Buddhist rituals and crafts. 

  1. Visit an Abandoned Theme Park

Yongma Land had a relatively long lifespan as a theme park before its profits started dwindling. Unfortunately, rising competition caused the park to finally close in 2011. But even though the rides were no longer operational, the park didn’t stop attracting tourists. 

Today, you can roam Yongma Land for a small fee and take incredible photos among some iconic rides. There’s also a snack bar on the premises, and you can even have the owner turn on some of the lights for an additional price.

  1. Spend the Day in the National Museum

The largest of its kind in the country, the National Museum of Korea has three floors, six permanent galleries, and over 220,000 historical and cultural objects. You can see everything from prehistoric exhibits to famous Buddhist artwork.

Like many other sites in Seoul, the National Museum has an authentic twist. There’s a gorgeous pond park outside where you can take a break from touring the exhibitions, sit down, and have a snack.

  1. Take the Subway to a National Park

Bukhansan National Park has mountain streams, secluded temples, and a peak with a breathtaking view of Seoul. Don’t think that it’s too far for you to visit since you can head there directly from the city via the subway. 

You can choose the trail that fits you the most from a free map that you can pick up at the information center. But choose wisely – there are over 100 trails in Bukhansan.

  1. Walk Around an Ancient Village

The Northern Village, Bukchon Hanok in Korean, is a historical neighborhood of Seoul. It contains two palaces and hundreds of Hanok – traditional Korean houses. 

While the village used to be mostly residential, many houses have now been converted into shops, museums, galleries, and restaurants featuring traditional Korean cuisine.

  1. Have a Cup of Coffee While Being Part of a Cartoon

There’s a coffee shop in Seoul where its interior, dishes, and all other details are fashioned after cartoon drawing. The reason we refer to this unique location as “a coffee shop” is because of another unique quirk – it doesn’t have a name.

The only way to find the shop is by its address: Yeonnam-Dong 223-14, which is also how people call the establishment. However, the coffee shop isn’t easy to find by the address alone, so you’ll need the help of a map.

  1. Try an Authentic Dish That Led to the Creation of a Museum

Among the many delicacies of traditional Korean cuisine, one dish stands out by having a museum dedicated to it. 

At Museum Kimchikan, you can find out everything about the history, production process, and different types of kimchi, the famous spicy side dish made of fermented cabbage. And it gets even tastier – you can also try regional kimchi variations originating from different parts of South Korea.

Museum Kimchikan is not only one of the attractions in Seoul but is also a UNESCO Heritage site.

  1. Take In the Beauty of Gangseo Marsh

Situated along the Han River, the Gangseo Marsh Ecological Park lies between two bridges. It covers a stretch of land with wetlands, lakes, and wildlife areas, a stark contrast to a highly urbanized city.

You’ll have a chance to take refuge from the tourist-heavy spots and enjoy a lovely walk along one of its many trails that traverse the gorgeous natural landscape.

Get an Experience of a Lifetime in Seoul

As the authentic location that it is, Seoul can quickly fill up any list of unique sights and experiences. From nature to culture and everything in between, this bustling metropolis is a place you shouldn’t miss. 

Tour the city and take in as much as you can. There will still be plenty left for you to explore on your next visit to Seoul.

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10 Unique Things to Do in Seoul