Top Nine Things to Do in Gulf Shores

Top Nine Things to Do in Gulf Shores

If you’re traveling to the eastern Gulf Coast, Gulf Shores is a popular tourist destination. The area offers the best of both worlds in sandy beaches and backwater trails. Not sure what to do first on your trip? Check out these great activities to try.

Many tourists know that Gulf Shores has mesmerizing scenery, including the largest fishing pier you can find on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an ideal vacation destination for singles, couples, and families alike.

Although most people go there for the view and weather, the city is more fun than you might think. It suits equally well those with an active lifestyle, nature-lovers, and thrill-seekers.

To ensure you’ll have a good time in Gulf Shores, here’s a list to help you out.

1. Engage in Water Activities

Gulf-Shores Engage In Water Activities

One of the best things to do in Gulf Shores is to enjoy some water sports. The area usually has very calm waters. While surfing may be out of the question, parasailing isn’t.

There’s also no need for anyone to have experience or special training for these activities. It’s suitable for even kids. There are few better ways to take in the sights than gliding through the air.

Gulf Shores also offers backwater kayaking. The calm waters and the scenery will help you relax and get closer to the wild.

2. Go Fishing


Everyone who knows a thing or two about Alabama knows that fishing is highly popular. And both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are prime destinations for amateur and seasoned fishermen.

If you’re looking to relax on your trip, fishing is the easiest way to do it. You can also participate in deep-sea fishing if you book a spot on a charter.

And if you want to stay closer to land, the Gulf State Park Pier also makes for a sweet fishing spot. So many people take advantage of the 2,000ft. rail to cast their lines in the water.

3. Take a Cruise

Gulf Shores Cruise

Dolphin watching is a favorite pastime in the area. If you want to see the sea mammals in their natural habitat, you can always go on a dolphin cruise.

There are several places in Gulf Shores that offer unique sailing experiences far away from the shore. You can even watch dolphins skim the surface of the water in large groups, the most common of which is the bottlenose dolphin.

4. Go Diving

Gulf Shores Diving

The Gulf Coast has impressive turquoise waters. It’s no wonder that diving is one of the top things to do in Gulf Shores. Locals and tourists that visit the city can explore the underwater world at their own leisure.

If you’re a deep water enthusiast, this is an ideal vacation spot. It doesn’t even matter if you have no experience because there are plenty of places that offer a crash course in diving. And on the plus side, your certification allows you to go diving whenever on your next trip.

5. Try the Local Cuisine

Gulf Shores Local Cuisine

Alabama offers fresh seafood and southern BBQ. So, it’d be a shame to go on a Gulf Shores vacation and not sample everything that the local restaurants offer.

Most of the best places known for slow-cooked hogs are close to the beach, too. That means you don’t have to go out of your way to satisfy your taste buds.

6. Let Out Your Inner Child

Gulf Shores Adventures

Are you looking for things to do in Orange Beach? Then the Adventure Island theme park may interest you. It’s packed with activities that spell fun for the whole family.

The park features a huge volcano that shakes the ground. It has laser tag and mini-golf courses. It also has a Go-Kart track and a Bumper Boats ride. You could spend half a day in the park and not even realize it, as it does a great job of entertaining children and younger crowds.

The OWA Park in Foley is another cool place to visit. It has even more rides and also live entertainment at night. It’s also a good place to pick up some souvenirs for your trip back home.

7. Walk the Scenic Backcountry Trail

Gulf Shores Scenic Backcountry Trail

Just when you think there aren’t more unique things to do in Orange Beach, Al – there’s the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. This 15-mile trail takes you through a series of different ecosystems.

What you’ll find there is a unique scenic path that connects Gulf Shores, the State Park, and Orange Beach. You can take on the trail on foot and spend a few hours checking out everything.

As an alternative, you can explore it on a bike or, if you’re so inclined, on a kayak for the river route.

8. Check Out the Wildlife

Gulf Shores The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Gulf Shores hosts the largest zoo in Alabama. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is open to tourists all year round. 

Three major hurricanes devastated the zoo back in 2004 and 2005. But you’ll find that it came back stronger than ever. It now houses lions, bears, a wide range of birds, and many more native and exotic animals.

If you want to see an even bigger preserve, Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge deserves a visit, too. It’s a 6,000-acre natural preserve that’s home to a variety of endangered species. You can spend hours exploring and up until 2 pm for most of the year.

9. Relax on the Beach

Relax on the Beach in Gulf shores

You can’t go to Gulf Shores without spending some time on the beach. And the Gulf State Park and Orange Beach offer amazing stretches of powdery sands. The calm waters are ideal for swimming and safe for kids as well.

It’s also a great idea to stay late and watch the sunset. Gulf Shores has incredible sunsets and plenty of beach bars and restaurants that give you a front-row seat of the action.

Have an Amazing Summer Getaway on the Gulf of Mexico

Many argue that Gulf Shores got the better part of the Gulf of Mexico, and they wouldn’t be wrong. The turquoise waters against the scenic woodlands backdrop make a compelling argument for it.

Whether you want to go there for the view, the food, or the adventure, it’s not hard to find something entertaining or, for that matter, relaxing.

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Top Nine Things to Do in Gulf Shores