Traveling to the Gold Coast? Add These 10 Activities to Your Itinerary

Don’t miss out on the fun while vacationing on the Gold Coast. There’s more to this gorgeous location beyond its amazing beaches.

Sunbathing and swimming are probably the first two things you’ll think of doing when you reach Gold Coast, Queensland. But once there, don’t forget that there are many more adventures available to you.

Check out some of the coolest things you can do in the region – whether traveling alone, as a couple, or with the entire family.

#1 – Spend a Full Day at Surfers Paradise Beach

When traveling to Gold Coast, QLD, you have to check out its main beach. It’s the longest strip of sun, sand, and sea in the area. 

From the name alone, you’ll know that it’s the place to be for surfers. But that doesn’t mean those with no surfing experience can’t have as much fun. The gentle swells of the Surfers Paradise Beach are great even for kids and for anyone who’s not an experienced surfer. 

The clear waters, white sand beach, and towering residential and commercial buildings in the backdrop create a very picturesque stretch.

#2 – Interact with the Wildlife

One of the top attractions in Gold Coast, Queensland is the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The city’s wildlife park, in particular, is a popular spot for bird lovers. And if that’s not to your liking, you can also cuddle koalas, play with kangaroos, or watch the resident crocodiles. 

The park offers more activities, such as Segway tours, a train for kids, and an Adventure Park High Ropes Course. It’s worth a trip.

#3 – Visit Australia’s Largest Marine Park

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Gold Coast, QLD. And if you have children with you, why not check out Sea World, the nation’s biggest marine park? 

Here, you can find a wide range of roller coasters and other sea-themed rides. But if you’re pressed for time, the monorail is always a great way to take in an overview of the park quickly.

Guests of all ages also come here to see the variety of dolphin and sea lions shows. What makes the park particularly interesting is the fact that you can also find polar bears and penguins among the plethora of marine creatures. 

When visiting in the summer, it’s also an ideal spot to cool off at.

#4 – Have a Fun-Filled Day at the Dreamworld Theme Park Adventure

What can you expect from a traditional theme park with an Aussie spin? You get a vast lineup of shows, movie character animators, and plenty of roller coasters and other rides.

But what’s so Aussie about it? 

Apart from the usual attractions, you can also enjoy close interactions with dingos, kangaroos, crocodiles, and more. The park even houses a sunset safari if you want to check out some endangered felines.

#5 – Explore Tamborine Mountain

This area has some of the best things to do in Gold Coast, QLD. For instance, you can hike a variety of outback trails, try a hang gliding experience, and do plenty of sightseeing.

Some of the region’s most popular wineries, breweries, and distilleries are on Tamborine Mountain. Each location offers tours and tastings, and the short distance separating them means you can spend a whole day here without getting bored.

#6 – Experience Human Flight

While it’s true that most tourists want to go surfing, fishing, or snorkeling, Gold Coast, QLD, offers a lot more if you know where to look for fun activities. 

Did you know that indoor skydiving is huge in the region?

A visit to the iFLY Gold Coast facility can offer a thrilling experience. For 50 seconds, you’ll get to feel what outdoor skydivers feel when free-falling over 14,000 feet – all without worrying about the weather, training, or actually jumping out of a plane.

#7 – Walk the Rainforest Tree Line

If you want more fun things to do on the Gold Coast, check out O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk. It’s the place to visit if you want to see the rainforest from the canopy of its lush trees. 

Nine suspended bridges, as well as two observation decks, combine to form a 590-feet walkway. It’s an eye-opening rainforest experience in a fascinating ecosystem, and it’s one that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in the world.

#8 – Go On Crazy Rides at Warner Bros Movie World

Have you ever wanted to see Hollywood stunts up close? If so, here’s your perfect chance – it’s even one of the most popular things to do in Gold Coast, QLD. 

This area is home to the Warner Bros Movie World. It’s a breathtaking theme park with animators, stunt shows, gigantic roller coasters, and tons of outdoor adventures. You can even check out 4D movies and interact with some of your favorite Hollywood characters.

#9 – See the View from Above

When you’re on a Gold Coast vacation, don’t forget about the tours. There are plenty of cruises you can take, but nothing beats a helicopter ride.

Here, you can see so much more of the region even in a couple of minutes. Keep in mind that these tours are very popular, so try to book your tickets in advance.

#10 – Join Kayaking and Snorkeling Tours

How does a five-hour day trip full of adventure sound? If that tickles your fancy, you can book a tour that covers everything, including instructions for kayaking and snorkeling.

You can spend hours on the water, travel between the small islands, and watch the dolphins, as long as you visit during the season of peak activity.

It’s also possible to book a tour with a hotel pickup to waste very little time. During the tour, the guides will provide some information about the wildlife, marine life, and the local environment. It’s a great way to learn more about the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast has Fun for All Ages

Sightseeing, clear water, abundant marine life, theme parks – you name it and the Gold Coast probably has it. It’s even got a rainforest and a piece of Hollywood. 

Think again if you believe hitting the beach is the only activity you should look forward to on your trip. You have to experience the thrill of the rides, animal shows, tours, and other adventures scattered in and around this part of Queensland.

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Traveling to the Gold Coast? Add These 10 Activities to Your Itinerary