Visiting Downtown Charleston – The 7 Things You Need to See

Visiting Downtown Charleston – The 7 Things You Need to See

You’ve decided to take a trip to Charleston but you’re not sure which sights should make it to your bucket list. Discover the top sites you need to see in Charleston, West Virginia.

West Virginia is home to some of the top-rated tourist attractions in the United States. And Charleston is the state’s capital and largest city. No wonder it has so many tourist places, mostly due to its apropos riverside location.

There are parks, museums, shopping streets, and amazing historical landmarks to explore. But whether you’re planning to visit museums or go hiking, you’ll have a long must-visit list.

Here are seven suggestions of tourist locations in Charleston you need to see during your stay in this city.

1.   State Capitol

One of Charleston’s most impressive buildings, the State Capitol also has the highest state dome in the US.

The gorgeous design in golden and blue will leave you speechless. After all, it looks very unique compared to other state capitol buildings.

But you have to take the guided tour to truly get to know its glory inside and see the beautiful crystal chandeliers and marble walls. The tour won’t take more than an hour and it’s undoubtedly worth your time.

2.    West Virginia State Museum

If you’re to only visit one museum, let it be the West Virginia State Museum – there’s so much to learn here! You’ll hear stories about the Civil War and the beginnings of the American coal industry on the guided tour.

The museum also covers prehistoric times, so expect interesting displays of fossils and other archaeological finds. And that’s not all. You can also see an original settler’s cabin and watch short films about different events in West Virginia’s history.

3.    Kanawha State Forest

Are you up for spending time in nature? Pay a visit to the Kanawha State Forest when you feel ready to take a break from downtown Charleston.

It’s actually a state park and one of the most beautiful places to see in Charleston. The park is a recreational area ideal for those on an active vacation, as it’s suitable for cycling, walking, or running.

Hikers will also find some delightful trails here. Most of them are short and not too demanding, like the Davis Creek Trail. There’s also the Rocky Ridge Trail with amazing views of the city for those unafraid of challenges.

You can make use of the campground on warm weather days and turn the vacation into a real adventure. And if you’re visiting with kids, there are playgrounds, picnic areas, a swimming pool, and a public shooting range.

4.    Capitol Street

Capitol Street is the central shopping hub of the city. When visiting Charleston, it’s a spot you can’t afford to miss if you want to experience the West Virginian capital’s authentic spirit.

But this famous street offers more than fancy boutiques and souvenir shops. It’s also where you’ll find some of the oldest historical buildings that are maintained immaculately. There are also plenty of cozy restaurants, bookstores, galleries, and street events. And the street leads to the legendary Capitol Market, the most popular farmers market in West Virginia.

5.   Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center

If you’re wondering what other attractions to see in Charleston, WV, here’s an idea. The Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center.

This large complex includes three centers. They are the Convention Center, the Civic Center Coliseum, and the Little Theater. The place has been welcoming tourists for more than 60 years. It’s where the city organizes various events like fairs, concerts, and car shows.

The center looks impressive from the outside, too. After all, there have been many improvements done on the buildings over the years. No wonder the complex is among the most modern-looking ones in Charleston.

6.    Governor’s Mansion

Designed by Walter F. Martens, an American architect who plied his trade in Charleston, the mansion is a symbol of the state’s glorious past. Right next to the Kanawha River, the construction of the house was only completed in 1925. It’s now where the Governor of West Virginia resides.

The inside of the traditional Georgian colonial mansion is the stuff of fables. There’s a grand ballroom, a dining room with an enormous banquet table, and a breathtaking library – 30 rooms in total.

Guided tours are on for Thursdays and Fridays. Just remember to book in advance. If you manage to do so, you’ll be able to see all the spectacular rooms of the governor’s house.

7.    East End Historical District

This district is one of the most interesting places in Charleston. It spans the neighborhood around the State Capitol in an extraordinary blend of the traditional and modern. You can find almost any form of art here – from historic statues to urban graffiti.

The State Capitol is, of course, the most significant part of the district. It’s also where you can find the Holly Grove Mansion, the oldest building in the neighborhood that first opened in 1815.

East End is also a great place to take a walk or grab a bite while enjoying the view, being located along a river.

A One-of-a-Kind Mix of History and Modern Culture

Arriving at your next travel destination may not be an easy decision. But Charleston, WV, makes it easier for you to decide if you’re heading to that part of the East.

It’s a unique combination of culture, history, and nature so you’re going to have a thoroughly planned-out vacation. The charming city promises a lot of memorable moments and it delivers in spades.

Although there’s much more to see in West Virginia, these seven tourist locations in Charleston are a good start. So make your list, grab your bags, and get ready to explore.

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Visiting Downtown Charleston – The 7 Things You Need to See