What to Do in Singapore on the Cheap

What to Do in Singapore on the Cheap

Can you have a great budget vacation in an otherwise pricey destination? You can do it in Singapore, but only if you know where to go.

Asia’s smallest country is somewhat famous for its western-inspired prices. But like most other vacation hotspots, Singapore has plenty of free or cheap things for tourists to do.

It’s only a matter of doing some planning, research, and finding all the right options.

Visit the Singapore Zoo

Visiting the local zoo is one of the best things to do in Singapore. The animals have plenty of room to roam and the variety is impressive.

There’s also a nighttime safari tour that lets you see nocturnal animals. Usually, a trip to the Singapore Zoo isn’t super affordable. But, a package deal to visit during the day and night can be pretty cheap.

Spend a Day at the Beach

Singapore isn’t famous for its beaches. Nevertheless, you have three to choose from and none costs money.

You can sunbathe and go for a swim and maybe even find some cool water activities. Siloso, Tanjong, and Palawan are Singapore’s three beaches.

Singapore also has a man-made beach within the East Coast Park. If you head over there, you can make your own meal at any of the numerous BBQ pits and save some more money.

Check Out the Nature Park

One of the most famous attractions in Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay. It’s the country’s massive nature park that features many vertical gardens.

Spread out on an area of 250 acres, the Gardens is a unique park to visit. The only places you can’t visit for free inside the park are the conservatories. However, there’s a lot to see outdoors and no admission fee for you to walk around Singapore’s supertrees. 

Go Stargazing at The Singapore Science Center

If you travel between January and November, you’re likely to miss the haze season. This means you should enjoy mostly clear night skies during your trip.

Take a trip to the Singapore Science Center on a Friday. It offers free stargazing and serves as an educational experience. 

It’s often a preferred activity for couples and families.

See its Various Museums 

One of the cheap things to do in Singapore is to visit the country’s museums. Just like with the Science Center, visiting on a Friday evening will allow you to check out the Singapore Art Museum for free.

The National Museum of Singapore usually charges a fee but also offers plenty of free tours. Weekdays free tours happen between 11 am and 2 pm. The window to catch a free tour increases on weekends.

Visit the Cathedral

Built around 1850, the St. Andrew’s Cathedral is a gorgeous example of Neo-Gothic architecture. Make sure to book a tour if you want a different cultural trip.

The cathedral operated as a hospital during WWII. Today, it also plays host to the oldest musical ensemble in Singapore. 

There’s no admission fee to see the cathedral and that’s why it’s one of the busiest tourist hotspots. Note that it’s hard to get in without booking a tour well in advance.

Explore the Haw Par Villa

Are you looking for more things to do in Singapore on the cheap? How about visiting a unique theme park for free?

Haw Par Villa is not your regular theme park with rides. Instead, it showcases statues of mythical creatures of Chinese folklore. Its unique and colorful exhibits can easily keep you busy for hours.

Eat at the Local Markets

Little India and Chinatown are some of the best places to eat in Singapore. Although it’s rare to see throngs of westerners there, you can sample some fantastic dishes for cheap. You can easily find affordable little eateries and restaurants, too. 

The freshness, hands-on eating experience, and low prices make Little India and Chinatown must-visit places.

Walk Around

Believe it or not, walking is one of the best ways to experience Singapore. It’s a city-state so it’s not that big. In fact, you can hit almost all popular attractions on foot. It can save you some money and ensure you don’t miss out on local shops, parks, and eateries. 

Just make sure you can handle the humidity, and you have a change of clothes with you.

Spend Some Time in a Mall

Yes, Singapore is a gorgeous location where its best features are out in the open. But it can get very hot at times. 

If you want to kill some time and cool off without paying a dime, hitting an underground mall is a great idea. 

Explore the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

This heritage park offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s tourist-packed streets. It’s also an admission-free park which makes it even better.

The wetlands reserve is a great place to go cool off and check out many exotic bird species.

Walk the Southern Ridges Trail

It won’t cost you more than a few bucks to hit every attraction on the trail. In fact, it’s among the most fun things to do in Singapore for cheap.

This trail has a total length of 5.6 miles and covers three parks. It also offers fascinating views and takes you right to the Henderson Waves bridge.

The bridge is one of the top tourist attractions. It’s a pedestrian bridge, the highest in the country, and boasts an architectural structure based on the SIN wave.

A Day at the Botanic Gardens

Another hot and cheap tourist attraction is the Singapore Botanic Gardens featuring three lakes, a rainforest environment, and a number of gardens.

You can visit everything for free with one exception – the orchid garden charges a small admission fee.

Take Advantage of the Nightlife

You can have a great time in Singapore without spending a fortune. In fact, every Wednesday is ladies’ night at most clubs.

Bars and clubs in Singapore rarely charge fees for live music events. Although alcohol isn’t cheap in the Asian city-state, you have tons of options on where to grab a drink, from dive bars to luxury nightclubs. 

Most Cool Things are Free

It may be slightly pricier to party or enjoy a fine dining experience in Singapore. But taking in the natural scenery, night skies, wildlife, and most of everything else won’t cost you much. 

You can have a budget vacation in Singapore and still hit most of the country’s most popular attractions with no issue.

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What to Do in Singapore on the Cheap