Visiting Daytona Beach? Check Out These Hotels

Visiting Daytona Beach? Check Out These Hotels

Are you planning a trip to Florida? Make the most out of your stay at Daytona Beach by taking advantage of the abundant accommodations.

Whether going for spring break, on a family vacation, or for any other reason, Daytona Beach is always a great destination. It has amazing beaches, superb weather, and fun activities for all ages.

But if you plan on spending more than a couple of days, why not also aim to get the most out of your accommodations? Daytona Beach has hotels that can fit any traveler’s budget – you won’t have to compromise luxury and comfort to save a few bucks.

The Hard Rock Hotel

There are tons of reasons why the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona is among the most popular accommodations in the region. The legendary ocean views and beachfront property give its guests a front-row seat of one of the most famous beaches in the US.

It’s arguably one of the best hotels in Daytona Beach and all of Florida, with its luxury amenities, bar, lounge, and tons of activities for kids, too. For a few extra bucks, you may appreciate the blend of lively nightlife culture and a family-friendly environment.

Holiday Inn Resort

Located on the Daytona Beach oceanfront, the Holiday Inn Resort is considered one of the top Daytona Beach Hotels. It’s a full-service hotel with ocean views, family rooms, and suites.

Kids may appreciate the game room and oversized pool. Meanwhile, parents will likely appreciate not having to pay for their kids’ accommodations and the lounge area.

The hotel also offers a complete fitness center and plenty of room amenities. Although it’s only a three-star hotel, the guests there receive five-star treatment.

Hilton Daytona Beach

Whether on vacation or in town for a business meeting, you won’t regret staying at the Hilton Daytona Beach Resort.

It has a full-service spa, multiple lounges and restaurants, as well as outdoor pools. It also offers one of the city’s best fitness centers and a massive 60,000 sq. ft event venue.

Guests also prefer the Hilton for its proximity to many of the city’s attractions. While it may not have the best panoramic ocean views, the four-star resort is a popular choice for guests of all ages.

Streamline Hotel

Streamline Hotel Daytona

If you plan to spend most of your time in Daytona outside, then the view from your room may not matter as much. In that case, staying at one of the local landmark hotels may be a good option.

The Streamline Hotel is one of the historic Daytona Beach hotels. It has its own nightclub and resident DJ, as well as conference facilities and a cozy rooftop terrace.

For a three-star hotel, it has luxury accommodations and hosts many live music events. It’s also more likely to offer bargain package deals than some of the larger resorts in the area.

Best Western Aku Tiki Inn

Another bargain pick is the Best Western Aku Tiki Inn. It’s one of the most affordable Daytona Beach hotels on the beach, yet it has a great reputation. 

The hotel is just five minutes away from the Lagoon water park. It’s also a few miles away from the international airport and has its own restaurant.

Although it offers family rooms and a bar, the hotel isn’t as large as other resorts. However, it’s a preferred location of many couples and single travelers as it’s quieter than other venues. 

Emerald Shores Hotel

When looking for the ultimate budget option with just enough luxury to feel pampered, look no further than the Emerald Shores Hotel.

The accommodations may be two-star, but how visitors are treated feels more like upwards of three-star. Each room has tea and coffee makers, the hotel has a bar, and it has a large swimming pool, too.

Free parking, on-site laundry facilities, and beachfront views add to its appeal. If you plan on traveling to Daytona Beach with kids, they may also enjoy some of the old-school arcade games in the common areas.

Tropical Winds Resort

Another great hotel with direct beach access is the Tropical Winds Resort, a three-star location with gorgeous ocean views in most rooms.

It’s close to the Daytona Lagoon park and only a 15-minute drive from the iconic Daytona Beach Golf Club. 

Each room has a complete kitchenette and the hotel also provides both indoor and outdoor pools. The private balconies are nice incentives too, especially for visiting couples.

Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort

Not all luxury Daytona Beach hotels are expensive. Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort offers a variety of accommodation choices for a home away from home. It’s also among the oldest and most reputable resorts in the area.

For over seven decades, the hotel served families and couples with exquisite service. Its oceanfront lawn is one of its best features, while the garden atrium provides an excellent shelter from the Florida noon sun.

Because it’s a resort with experience, it also offers tons of activities such as shuffleboard, mini-golf, and others.

Best Western Plus

The Best Western Chain always offers rooms for all budgets. And the Best Western Plus is one of the more affordable choices available to visitors among Daytona Beach hotels on the beach.

Not all rooms have panoramic ocean views and some of them overlook the city. However, the hotel is very close to the speedway, Ocean Center, and Daytona Lagoon water park. 

It’s an excellent place to stay in for both couples and families.

Vacation in Style

Sure, there are plenty of inns, suites, and other places to stay while in Daytona Beach. But given the fantastic offering, why not also enjoy the facilities the local hotels and resorts have to offer aside from exploring Daytona Beach itself?

With its wide variety of accommodations, you can save some money and still relax or party as much as you want.

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Visiting Daytona Beach? Check Out These Hotels