What to Do on Your Next Trip to Brussels

What to Do on Your Next Trip to Brussels

With plenty of available attractions and activities, the more challenging question would be what not to do in Brussels. The city’s full of wonderful experiences and the following are a must.

Brussels is a city teeming with a variety of offerings that can satisfy almost every taste. What’s even better, in many cases, is that there are no limitations on things to do in Brussels – the language barrier or travel budget will hardly be an issue. 

From the rich culture and sights that might surprise you to the fantastic cuisine and the enticing nightlife, you can be certain that no visit to the Belgian capital will be uninteresting. 

In this article, you’ll discover the most engaging sights and activities to immerse yourself in when visiting Brussels.

1. Visit the Atomium

The Atomium in Brussels

Despite what the name may suggest to some, the Atomium is, in fact, a giant representation of a molecule. The molecule in question is iron and the model is more than 160 billion times larger than the real thing. 

Naturally, the monument presents a perfect opportunity for selfies. After you’ve had a good photo session, you might decide to go inside the Atomium. Besides the exhibitions, there’s an excellent restaurant in one of the ‘atoms,’ though you should keep in mind the prices are somewhat steep.

2. Take a Walk Around the Triumphal Arch

The Triumphal Arch in Cinquantenaire

The Triumphal Arch and the area around it are among the most rewarding spots in the city. The park is called the Cinquantenaire and it’s a gorgeous area of verdant grass with a view of the architectural wonder.

Nearby is the Belliard Tunnel, the Great Mosque of Brussels, and several museums where you can dive into thousands of artifacts that will paint you a colorful picture of history and art. 

3. Witness the Art of the Brussels Metro

Art of the Brussels Metro

Brussels boasts about 90 museums of different kinds, along with numerous galleries. However, some unique art is waiting to be found in unsuspecting locations – the Brussels metro stations being one of them. 

And there’s more than street art going on underground.

Depending on the station, you might see futuristic art, ironwork along with amazing stained glass art, and statues. And if you take the time to go around the whole network, you’ll discover over 80 authentic artworks. There are also brochures to help you navigate this city-wide exhibition.

4. Experience the Unique Nightlife

Brussels Nightlife

Whether you’re after an evening of dancing or more interested in a quieter night out, chances are the Brussels nightlife won’t fail your expectations. You can find plenty of bars, pubs, and clubs where you can have the best time imaginable.

Many venues have exciting events, even on workday nights, and you could come upon a live concert, happy hour, and parties under the open sky. When it comes to music choice, you could visit a club focused on techno like Fuse, a relaxed, chill-out joint such as The Flat, or be pleasantly surprised with the nightly music choice at Bonnefooi. 

Those looking for the most fun and exciting things to do in Brussels should make it a point to immerse themselves in the rich nightlife.

5. Enjoy the Exquisite Cuisine

Belgian Waffles

Belgian cuisine may have yet to reach the popularity of its French counterpart, but there’s no shortage of amazing food in Brussels. 

Of course, the first association when talking about Belgian food is chocolate. If you’ve heard about and had a chance to try the delicacies of Cote d’Or, Godiva, or Marcolini, you can actually visit their very shops in Brussels.

Speaking of the staple treats of Belgian cuisine, you shouldn’t miss out on the world-famous waffles. They are sold at cafes, street stalls, and confectioneries everywhere you look. And you can’t go wrong with specialized shops such as the Waffle Factory.

If you’re up for a complete, delicious meal, Brussels is filled with incredible restaurants to explore and enjoy their dishes. 

6. Explore the City’s Many Parks

Leopold Park Brussels

There are numerous gorgeous parks all across the city and picking just one won’t be enough. 

Inside Brussels, you’ll find the glorious Forest Park that’s situated on a hill overlooking the city’s downtown area. In Duden Park, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon a piece of a forest, with many hills and valleys throughout the massive area. But if you like to be near water, Leopold Park may be up to your standards more as it has a massive pond with a plethora of birds that call it home.

Step outside the city and you’ll find even more fascinating areas, like the last remains of the Brussels swamp at Moeraske or the La Hulpe forested area that boasts a dreamlike castle. Nature is thoroughly mixed in with the urban landscape in Brussels and still presents fascinating sights.

7. Set Out on a Beer Tour

Brussels Unique Beer

Belgium is respected worldwide for its beer, so much so the beverage is even linked to the history of Brussels. 

Unsurprisingly, there are numerous pubs that have an impressive selection of unique beers. You can even take a tour that will allow you to discover the essential points in the whole chain, from brewing to serving the drink.

Without spoiling the experience, it’s worth noting that even those not too keen on beer will enjoy the tour due to the fascinating history that makes the beverage an inseparable part of Brussels.

8. Visit the Courthouse

The Palais de Justice

The Palais de Justice is possibly the most grandiose courthouse in the world. A massive building, it’s decorated with jaw-dropping artwork and you could easily mistake it for a colossal ancient Greek temple at first sight.

Finding yourself standing in front of the towering white pillars is a one-of-a-kind experience. And that impression will become even stronger once you turn to see the breathtaking view of the city from the courthouse.

9. Catch an Open-Air Movie Projection

Brussels Open Air Movie Projection

If you come to Brussels during Summer, chances are you’ll come across one of the numerous events where movies are shown in the open. There are projections on various locations throughout the city and you should keep an eye out for events like Wolubilis, Bruxelles fait son cinéma, and Cinema en Plein air. 

Enjoy Every Hour in Brussels

Whether you love nature, art, or trying the local cuisine, the number of things to do in Brussels is overwhelming. One thing is sure – every day you spend in the Belgian capital will bring precious new experiences. 

It should come as no surprise that a single visit likely won’t suffice. You’ll probably be longing for a new vacation in Brussels from the moment you leave.

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What to Do on Your Next Trip to Brussels