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What to Do on Your Next Trip to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Trip

What to Do on Your Next Trip to Lake Tahoe

Looking for year-round fun in and around Lake Tahoe? You can do almost anything you want no matter when you visit.

Lake Tahoe is a picturesque vacation spot all year round. Yet you can do more than just sightseeing as there’s no shortage of outdoor and indoor activities available to tourists.

If you want some ideas for your next trip to the California-Nevada border, check out some of the top things to do in Lake Tahoe.

1. Go to Kings Beach

Lake Tahoe has over 70 miles of shoreline. And on its northern shore, Kings Beach is by far the most popular spot. It’s the gem of a 13-acre park and packed with tourists all summer long.

Here you can go swimming or enjoy a relaxing picnic by the lake. Kids can also have fun on the playground, while pets can roam free. Some tourists also rent boats from there and go on pleasure or fishing cruises. 

Kings Beach has a bit of everything for those who want to spend most of their time outside.

2. Get Your Dose of Water Sports

Feeling adventurous? Make sure to check out these two locations: Homewood and Sunnyside. The two marinas are ideal for renting kayaks, booking cruises, and even taking lessons for various water activities.

The lake is big enough for a wide range of them. You’ll find lots of people steering powerboats and jet skis on the water. Paddleboarding and waterskiing are also popular activities.

3. Take Some Hollywood-Worthy Photos

Make sure to take lots of pictures on your Lake Tahoe vacation. After all, the area surrounding the lake had its fair share of exposure in films. The gorgeous mountain backdrop and varied water gradation can help you capture amazing stills. 

Going on a hike like the Rubicon Trail or the Vikingsholm Trail provides plenty of opportunities to capture picturesque views. Also, touring the Vikingsholm Castle on the way can give you a unique view of Scandinavian architecture on US soil.

While at Emerald Bay State Park, you might want to check out Inspiration Point. It sits 600 feet above the lake and offers a fantastic view of the bay and surrounding area. In fact, many tourists regard that spot as the most photogenic in Emerald Bay.

4. Winter Activities

Visiting Lake Tahoe in December is never a bad idea.

Squaw Valley is perhaps the most famous ski resort in the area as it’s the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. And the Heavenly resort has plenty going on, with its over 4,800 acres of ski terrain. Here you can also take a 2.4-mile scenic gondola ride. 

If you want a quieter winter vacation and avoid the crowds, look to Alpine Meadows. It offers a 2,400-acre resort with 100 runs, snowboarding parks, and tons of other things to do in Lake Tahoe for tourists of all ages.

5. Step Inside for a While

Once you’ve had enough of basking under the sun, you can step indoors for a while. No one will mistake Lake Tahoe for Las Vegas but it still has plenty of casinos for you to try your luck in.

If you prefer to sample the South Lake Tahoe nightlife, there are more than enough gambling options available. You also have access to a variety of concert venues, nightclubs, and both casual and upscale restaurants.

Although the area gets more than enough sunny days, it’s good to know that there’s something else to do if you catch some bad weather.

6. Take a Different Scenic Tour

Boat cruises are quite popular on the lake. But have you ever thought about some of the more different things to do in Lake Tahoe?

An interesting alternative to the usual cruise or gondola ride is a flying tour of the area. Because at Lake Tahoe, you can book a sightseeing tour while riding in a hot air balloon.

For the winter season, you have flights over Carson Valley, Minden, and Gardnerville. While in the summer, balloon tours take you over most of the lake.

If you’re not too fond of balloons but still want a bird’s eye view of the lake, then how about a helicopter tour? A typical helicopter tour of the lake circles the entire 72-mile shoreline. In about 45 minutes, you get to see everything, including stunning views of the lake and all its different shades.

7. Tour the Tallac Historic Site

Tours of the Tallac Historic Site run from Memorial Day to early fall and feature guided building tours, art shows, and estate walks.

In August is when things get even more entertaining. The estates run a Gatsby-themed festival, which includes jazz concerts, Roaring Twenties parties, and other social gatherings. At the festival, you can get a glimpse into the life of the lake’s wealthy residents in its heyday.

8. Explore the Truckee River Bike Trail

For more things to do in South Lake Tahoe, it’s best to visit in early spring or the summer. Because once the snow melts in Squaw Valley, it frees up tons of exciting trails for anyone to explore.

You can ride mountain bikes on miles worth of dirt trails and thick forests. Fortunately, you can bring your own bike or rent one in the valley. Alternatively, you can also cruise the outdoor rink in your roller skates if you prefer something less tiring than an advanced trail.

9. Sample the Local Brews

Lake Tahoe is famous for something else too – local craft brews. You can even find a variety of porters, pale ales, and IPAs, at the local Fifty Brewing Company.

You’ll also find extensive menus and unique drinks at other spots such as Moody’s Bistro or the Old Town Tap. Pub-style burgers are a big hit, too. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of upscale dining options in the area as well.

The Gem of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

It’s more than the geographical heart of the mountain range. Lake Tahoe is also one of the most spectacular places there. Its popularity even rivals that of Yosemite National Park and similar destinations.

Whether you visit in the summer or winter, there’s never a dull moment. Lake Tahoe gets fantastic weather for most of the year. Its ski resorts are world-class and the fishing season never ends.

There’s a lot you can do indoors and outdoors if you make Lake Tahoe your vacation destination.

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The 15 Best Vacation Spots in the USA During Covid-19

Plus How to Save Up to 72% on These Vacations

People are desperate to get out of their homes. Google searches for “when can I travel again?” continue to rise.

After helping tens of thousands of people with their vacation plans during the pandemic we have found that Americans still want to travel, but they have traded the international trips and flights for wide open spaces less than 1 day’s drive from home.

Here at in 2020, our customer data shows that the most popular couples and family vacations in the US are all wide-open spaces without large crowds. These are in order

  1. Mountains
  2. Beaches
  3. Towns in regional areas

See below what we believe are the 15 best Vacations Spots in the US During Covid-19. For many of these by getting access to unsold hotel rooms we can pass on savings of up to 72%. Wherever we have special deals we will share that with you below too so that you can save on your family vacation.

1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Known for the majestic beauty of the valley, Jackson Hole has long been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. A great place to visit all-year-round for its mountains and terrains, one will never run out of activities in its great outdoors.

Flanked by Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges, Jackson Hole offers powdery skiing spots in the winter and beautiful hiking grounds in the summer. From luxury ski resorts to wild west towns, don’t miss the stunning natural sights of Jackson Hole.

2. Yosemite

While California is more popularly known as the seat of Hollywood, it’s natural wonders is something to boot. Yosemite National Park in California, one of America’s magnificent national parks, boasts 800 miles worth of hiking trails, glacier-cut rock formations, unlimited panoramic vistas, and waterfalls perfect for adrenaline junkies.

You’ll never run out of things to do from hiking through Yosemite Valley, climbing its rock formations, camping, and enjoying one of its many falls.

3. Grand Canyon

Explore the awestriking sights of the Grand Canyon National Park’s massive expanse of gorges, ridges, and rock formations. Admire the Canyon on the hiking trails of its North and South Rim or rafting via the Colorado River.

Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park encompasses 277 miles (446 km) of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands. The park is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon; a mile (1.6 km) deep, and up to 18 miles (29 km) wide. Layered bands of colorful rock reveal millions of years of geologic history. Grand Canyon is unmatched in the incomparable vistas it offers visitors from the rim.

4. Lake Tahoe

Surrounded by pristine forests and snow-capped mountain peaks, renowned writer, Mark Twain described the dazzling expanse of shimmering blue waters of Lake Tahoe as “the fairest picture the whole earth affords.”

Lake Tahoe is a year-round destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers that offers the best of both worlds. During summer, spend the day enjoying nature walks, hiking, cycling, and water sports. In the colder months of December to April, Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland with activities for alpine and cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, and sleigh riding.

5. Cape Cod

Spanning a 40-mile stretch along the New England coastline, Cape Cod is considered one of the premier beach destinations in Massachusetts. Its beautiful sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere makes it a perfect summer vacation spot for nearby Boston and New York.

When you’ve fully enjoyed basking in the sun, you can take a nature stroll or follow the bike trails in Cape Cod. In spring, you can take a ferry ride and enjoy the peaceful corners in Nantucket’s idyllic islands and Martha’s Vineyard. At any season, there’s plenty of places to go and visit for couples and families at Cape Cod.

6. Colorado Springs

With an elevation of 6,035 ft, Colorado Springs is another American wonder of nature that any hiker or trekker wouldn’t miss in their bucket list. Explore the glacier-carved Pikes Peak or be amazed in the expanse of red-sandstone formations and mountain views at the Garden of the Gods. 

Colorado Springs isn’t just for nature lovers but also offers something for the culture hounds. Leisure travelers can enjoy the funky art galleries in Manitou Springs, be brought back to the Old West in the Old Colorado City, or get inspiration with a tour from its four US military bases. Get your dose of adventure in Colorado Springs.

7. Gatlinburg

From nature to human-made attractions, you’ll never run out of things to see and do in Gatlinburg. The city is a gateway to the 520,000-acre Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you can hike, bike, and horseback ride in the summer and fall. In winter, enjoy that snow at its ski destination, Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort. 

Let loose in Gatlinburg’s other attractions. Explore the Appalachian tradition in a moonshine tasting or visit the galleries and boutiques featuring Appalachian arts and wood crafts. To cap your trip, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city up at the observation deck of Space Needle or hop on the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tram. No matter the season, Gatlinburg is a city worth spending your vacation in. 

8. Lake Placid

Tucked in the mountains of Adirondack, Lake Placid boasts great hiking scenes, world-class alpine skiing, and winter sports activities. Home to two Winter Olympics game, Lake Placid is a small town with wondrous sights and activities to behold. 

Whether you’re a snow sports pro or an adventure seeker, Lake Placid offers numerous trails and waterways to explore. A perfect getaway from the noises and bustles of New York City. 

9. Breckenridge

Breckenridge is a Colorado town at the base of the Rocky Mountains’ Tenmile Range. It’s known for its ski resort, year-round alpine activities, and Gold Rush history. Gearing for an ultimate outdoor experience? Breckenridge will not disappoint. 

During winter, take skiing or snowboarding at Breckenridge Ski Resort. And in the summer, discover Breckenridge nature from amazing hikes and bikes, to fly fishing or whitewater rafting. Whether it’s relaxed or ragged, there’s an activity for you in this town.  

10. Connecticut Coast

Coastal Connecticut or Connecticut Shore, spans Connecticut’s southern border along Long Island Sound from Greenwich in the west to Stonington in the east, as well as the tidal portions of the Housatonic River, Quinnipiac River, Connecticut River, and Thames River. The place is a popular weekend destination for families, couples. 

Soak in the sun while on a river cruise or enjoy a romantic getaway while exploring its breathtaking beauty from Bear Mountain to Long Island Sound. Brush up on your history and culture with the many sightseeing tours of this colonial town whether aboard a steam train or a riverboat. Coastal Connecticut is a definite vacation for all ages. 

11. California Wine Country

Take your palette on a joyride and get a taste of fine wine and cuisine in the premier wine-growing region of California Wine Country. Famed for its Michelin-star restaurants, boutique hotels, and luxury resorts, it offers one of the best gastronomic experiences in the United States. 

Start the day driving around the gorgeous scenery of Napa Valley or Sonoma County, then visit one of the many wineries and walk along its vineyards. If you’re looking to excite your senses and whet your appetite, California Wine Country is an excellent place to be. 

12. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is home to America’s vast natural wonders and wildlife species. With nearly 3,500 square mile wilderness recreation area atop a volcanic hot spot, you can’t miss exploring this nature park any time of the year.

Know for its red-tinged Grand Canyon walls, Yellowstone also features alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs, and gushing geysers, such as the famous, Old Faithful. A perfect vacation trip for any adventurous traveler. 

13. Ogden, Utah

A gateway to ski resorts like Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, and Nordic Valley, Ogden in Salt Lake City, Utah, is anything but the typical mountain town. Its three world-class ski resorts offer powdery snow landscape for anyone to traverse. 

This place is also a hot spot for anglers, canoers, and kayakers looking for adventurous waterways. The Ogden and Weber Rivers, along with over 13,000 acres of freshwater lakes are teeming with largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, perch, bluegill, tiger muskie, and walleye. 

14. Vail, Colorado

Right at the base of Vail Mountain, Vail, Colorado, is a small town with a massive ski resort. The Vail Ski Resort boasts 5,289 skiable acres, making it one of the largest single-mountain resorts in the country and a popular retreat for skiers and snowboarders. 

Summer travelers shouldn’t rule Vail out yet. It’s also a summer destination for some trekking and hiking with Eagles Nest and the Holy Cross Wilderness Area. Whether it’s tackling the snowy slopes or trailing through the wilderness, Vail’s small town has a vast nature opportunity to discover. 

15. Hotsprings, Arkansas

True to its name, Hot Springs in Arkansas is known for its naturally heated springs. Most of the springs are located north of Hot Springs National Park, where you can find Bathhouse Row, a stretch of historic bathhouses from the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center and the Buckstaff Bathhouse are two of the more popular bathhouses for its ornate interiors and luxurious feel. If you haven’t tried soaking in a natural hot tub and benefiting from it’s therapeutic properties, Hot Springs should be in your next relaxing getaway. 

Treat the cabin fever and travel safely with these fantastic destinations that could just be a drive away from your town. Get access to unsold hotel rooms and save up to 72%. Catch these amazing deals before it ends.

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Where to Go for a Fun Night Out in Anaheim

Fun Night Out in Anaheim

Where to Go for a Fun Night Out in Anaheim

After the sun sets is when the real party in Anaheim begins. Find out why the city is perhaps more crowded at night than during the day.

Most people outside of California would associate Anaheim with Disneyland and a place that’s tailor-made for family vacations. But like many other cities in California, Anaheim kicks it up a notch after dark, too.

There’s a lot to see, do, and experience when it comes to the nightlife in the city. Whether you prefer drinks, dancing, or just want an adventure, finding something fun to do won’t be difficult.

The House of Blues

Spending a night at the House of Blues is a good idea. It’s a family-friendly venue that stays open until around 11 pm.

The food is good and the service is always on point. But what makes it even better is that it often hosts live gigs so the atmosphere is lively.

Legacy Nightclub and Lounge

While the House of Blues represents a relatively tame Anaheim nightlife experience, Legacy Nightclub goes in the other direction.

This is a perfect spot if you’re an avid dancer. The club stays open much longer and always attracts a very diverse crowd. 

An entry ticket costs much less than a cocktail and is perfect for the vibrant crowd who knows how to party.

Rumba Room

As one of the city’s top dance bars, the Rumba Room caters to all Latin music lovers. It’s also a more upscale venue with a gorgeous interior, experienced dancers, and a massive floor area.

And at night, the Rumba Room puts on exciting light shows with equally terrific sounds. If you want to dress up when you party, this is the place to visit.

Blush Nightclub

The Blush offers another opportunity to enjoy a more upscale experience of the Anaheim nightlife. The club often features some of the best DJs in the world and has an outstanding sound and lighting system.

Spanning 10,000 square feet, it’s a massive club with VIP sections, a smoking patio, and a capacity of up to 900 guests. This club is also very easy to access from the area’s top accommodations and other attractions, as it’s located in the Resort District.

The Parkestry Rooftop Bar

You’ll have other fun things to do in Anaheim besides dancing all night long. And a trip to the Parkestry Rooftop Bar is among those that will be worth your trouble.

The outdoor venue offers a spine-tingling view of the city and the relaxing atmosphere can help you unwind after a long day. And the great menus, music selection, and late-night vibes provide plenty of entertainment.

Book a Recording Session at the 3673 Studios

If you want another alternative to drinking and dancing, you have the 3673 Studios. 

It’s part of Anaheim nightlife and a top couples’ attraction where you can sing together – like in a studio. You can interact with the professional staff, get coaching, and experience amazing sound quality and engineering.

It also doesn’t stay open until too late, so there’s still time to hit the dance floor later if you want to.

8 Eighty Eight Cigar Lounge

The place (yes, three 8s or 888) is half cigar lounge and half sports bar. Regardless, it’s a vibrant spot that leaves its imprint on Anaheim nightlife.

The venue stays open 24 hours from Sunday through Wednesday. But other days, it only serves customers until 2 am. That said, it has an amazing atmosphere and the screens can accommodate multiple sporting events.

It’s a casual place with reasonable prices, a full bar, pool tables, and cigars. Not a bad place to hang out if you’re a sports fan, cigar aficionado, or traveling in large groups.

The Anaheim Night Market

This is one of the coolest periodic events in the city. 

The Night Market puts on variety shows, displays Etsy-type vendors, and other great activities. This gives people opportunities to have fun outside after dark while experiencing something other than the usual.

It can get a bit crowded, though, but it’s something where you don’t know what to expect – definitely something to keep in mind.

Bravo Night Club

The Bravo Night Club opened in 2000 and since then, it’s become one of the most popular nightspots in Anaheim. The specialty is mainly live dance music, though it often features themed nights, DJs, special guests, and music that covers a wide range of genres.

It’s also not as upscale as some of its competitors, making it a more affordable option for you to catch exciting Anaheim events after dark.

K1 Speed

This venue closes at around 10 pm every night. But it still provides plenty of entertainment and thrills to anyone that crosses its threshold.

K1 Speed features high-performance electric karts where you can go up to 45 miles per hour in the tiny speedsters. Most races don’t last over 10 minutes, though, but the feeling on the track can keep your adrenaline going for quite some time.

You can also grab a quick bite in the venue before you head out to do other things.

Outdoor Movie Screenings at the Beach

If you want to see a moonlit movie on the beach, you can do it in Anaheim. Just keep in mind that the best weather for this is usually between July and August.

Cherry Beach and Huntington Beach, both minutes away from Anaheim, often put on such shows. You may not always get free parking, but the sound is great and the view of the night sky even better.

The 17th Door

Anaheim is not particularly known for haunted houses. However, the experiences put together by The 17th Door are quite different. 

The themes change often, the plots always keep you guessing, and the actors do a great job of staying in character.

It’s definitely a unique experience that appeals to younger generations looking for fun things to do in Anaheim at night.

It’s Easy to Have a Good Time Before Turning In

If you want to party 24/7, you can do it in Anaheim and Orange County. You can sample the local cuisine, drink some cocktails, or dance to Latin music.

You can even watch a movie outside or have the life scared out of you, all in the name of good fun. The venues in Anaheim know how to put on a good show for locals and tourists alike.

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World's Best

11 Sights That Make Anaheim Worth a Trip

Anaheim Travel Highlights

11 Sights That Make Anaheim Worth a Trip

Everyone wants to take in some California sun on vacation. Check out why Anaheim might be a better alternative than other major cities in the Golden State.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Anaheim. The variety of indoor and outdoor activities and attractions can keep you busy and entertained for a two-week vacation.

But like any other place, some sites raise the city’s profile among tourists more than others. Here’s what to look for so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

1. Disneyland

Sure, Anaheim has a lot more to offer than the popular theme park. But you can’t go on a trip here and not spend at least a few hours at the iconic Disney park. It’s the city’s star attraction and the only park in the franchise built under Walt Disney’s supervision. 

Taking in everything that the theme park has to offer can take days. However, even exploring the park for a few hours can put you in a good mood. 

Besides, each Disneyland Park has its own unique style, rides, and themes. It’s not a case where if you see one you’ve seen all of them with these parks.

2. Try to Catch the Lit Halo at Angel Stadium

This is the country’s fourth-oldest Major League stadium. It’s an impressive venue with a unique characteristic.

Because at the top of a 230ft sign, there’s a halo that lights up whenever the home team wins a game, be it at home or away.

You can tour the stadium or try to catch a game. Sitting in the stands with around 45,000 baseball fans is simply a good way to spend the afternoon.

3. Yorba Regional Park

Located on 140 acres of land and straddling the Santa Ana River, Yorba is one of the most gorgeous sites in the area.

It has a wide range of facilities and hundreds of tables that’s perfect for a picnic. You can also hop on some of the bike trails and hiking trails.

It’s a perfect spot for taking in some fresh air and capturing amazing photos.

4. The Medieval Arena

Take a trip to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament and catch a show. This venue hosts two-hour dinner events with four-course meals. Meanwhile, the arena seats around 1,100 people and puts on a family-friendly show with jousting knights and sword fighting.

This is simply one of the most unique things to do in Anaheim. 

5. The Ice Rink

The ice rink in Anaheim is nothing too spectacular. However, this indoor venue offers something that California desperately needs sometimes – a way to escape the heat.

You can either take some lessons or go enjoy the ice on your own. And if you don’t bring skates of your own, that’s ok because you can rent a pair there. 

Spending even just two hours won’t put a dent in your pocket and will keep you cool during the day.

6. Stroll Around the Oak Canyon Nature Center

The Oak Canyon Nature Center is a reserve of 58 acres that’s perfect for nature walks, hiking in trails of moderate difficulty, and checking out live animals.

You can also find the John J. Collier Interpretive Center in the region. If you visit, you can see a couple of historical exhibits while taking shade from the California sun.

7. Anaheim Gardenwalk

Maybe you’re interested in things to do near Disneyland without actually going to Disneyland. Luckily, there’s the Anaheim Gardenwalk nearby. It’s an outdoor complex with lots of shops, cafes, and eateries. It’s also close to most of the city’s top hotels.

Take a stroll around the complex and see what it has to offer. It’s relaxing during the day but transforms into one of the busiest spots in the city at night. It’s when the entertainment venues come alive and the outdoor fire pits create an exciting setting.

8. The Convention Center

It pays to spend some time planning a trip to Anaheim. It may be unconventional an idea but the local convention center is one of the most popular tourist attractions. In fact, to many, it’s its own Anaheim travel destination.

The complex offers over a million square feet of space dedicated to a variety of exhibitions. It holds outdoor and indoor gatherings and some of the coolest trade shows around. It’s also very close to the Disneyland Resort. 

Find out what’s coming to town before you book a trip to avoid missing out on cool shows and exhibits.

9. Take to the Skies

A trip to the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center is not about sightseeing. Instead, it’s where you can step inside a cockpit and learn what it feels like to take charge of a real plane.

Granted, it’s one of the most booked attractions in the city as it does offer a variety of experiences, from flying fighter jets to 747 commercial planes.

It’s also not a hard place to reach – the simulator sits just five miles away from downtown Anaheim.

10. Catch a Game at the Honda Center

If you’re a hockey fan, don’t miss out on a trip to the Honda Center. The local team, the Anaheim Ducks, has been playing there since 1993.

The venue can seat around 17,000 people. If you visit during the NHL season and you can catch a game, the atmosphere is unforgettable. In the offseason, you might catch an interesting musical act or two because the venue gets converted into a concert hall.

11. Adventure City

Once you’ve seen Disneyland, it’s hard to look at other theme parks with the same level of excitement. But Adventure City in Anaheim does a good job of competing. It’s a smaller park that offers a variety of thrilling rides. And it’s also less crowded and much cheaper than its Disney-themed counterpart. 

You might want to consider it when traveling on a tight budget.

Enjoy the Heart of Orange County

If someone dropped you in the middle of this city, you’d have no problem finding something cool to do. There’s plenty of room to relax, get some vitamin D, cool off, or go off the charts on the excitement.

Anaheim is a very family-friendly vacation destination, but also one that gets a fresh second life after dark.

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