11 Sights That Make Anaheim Worth a Trip

11 Sights That Make Anaheim Worth a Trip

Everyone wants to take in some California sun on vacation. Check out why Anaheim might be a better alternative than other major cities in the Golden State.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Anaheim. The variety of indoor and outdoor activities and attractions can keep you busy and entertained for a two-week vacation.

But like any other place, some sites raise the city’s profile among tourists more than others. Here’s what to look for so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

1. Disneyland

Anaheim Disneyland

Sure, Anaheim has a lot more to offer than the popular theme park. But you can’t go on a trip here and not spend at least a few hours at the iconic Disney park. It’s the city’s star attraction and the only park in the franchise built under Walt Disney’s supervision. 

Taking in everything that the theme park has to offer can take days. However, even exploring the park for a few hours can put you in a good mood. 

Besides, each Disneyland Park has its own unique style, rides, and themes. It’s not a case where if you see one you’ve seen all of them with these parks.

2. Try to Catch the Lit Halo at Angel Stadium

Anaheim Angel Stadium

This is the country’s fourth-oldest Major League stadium. It’s an impressive venue with a unique characteristic.

Because at the top of a 230ft sign, there’s a halo that lights up whenever the home team wins a game, be it at home or away.

You can tour the stadium or try to catch a game. Sitting in the stands with around 45,000 baseball fans is simply a good way to spend the afternoon.

3. Yorba Regional Park

Anaheim Yorba Regional Park

Located on 140 acres of land and straddling the Santa Ana River, Yorba is one of the most gorgeous sites in the area.

It has a wide range of facilities and hundreds of tables that’s perfect for a picnic. You can also hop on some of the bike trails and hiking trails.

It’s a perfect spot for taking in some fresh air and capturing amazing photos.

4. The Medieval Arena

The Medieval Arena in Anaheim

Take a trip to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament and catch a show. This venue hosts two-hour dinner events with four-course meals. Meanwhile, the arena seats around 1,100 people and puts on a family-friendly show with jousting knights and sword fighting.

This is simply one of the most unique things to do in Anaheim. 

5. The Ice Rink

The Ice Rink in Anaheim

The ice rink in Anaheim is nothing too spectacular. However, this indoor venue offers something that California desperately needs sometimes – a way to escape the heat.

You can either take some lessons or go enjoy the ice on your own. And if you don’t bring skates of your own, that’s ok because you can rent a pair there. 

Spending even just two hours won’t put a dent in your pocket and will keep you cool during the day.

6. Stroll Around the Oak Canyon Nature Center

Anaheim Oak Canyon Nature Center

The Oak Canyon Nature Center is a reserve of 58 acres that’s perfect for nature walks, hiking in trails of moderate difficulty, and checking out live animals.

You can also find the John J. Collier Interpretive Center in the region. If you visit, you can see a couple of historical exhibits while taking shade from the California sun.

7. Anaheim Gardenwalk

Anaheim Gardenwalk

Maybe you’re interested in things to do near Disneyland without actually going to Disneyland. Luckily, there’s the Anaheim Gardenwalk nearby. It’s an outdoor complex with lots of shops, cafes, and eateries. It’s also close to most of the city’s top hotels.

Take a stroll around the complex and see what it has to offer. It’s relaxing during the day but transforms into one of the busiest spots in the city at night. It’s when the entertainment venues come alive and the outdoor fire pits create an exciting setting.

8. The Convention Center

The Convention Center in Anaheim

It pays to spend some time planning a trip to Anaheim. It may be unconventional an idea but the local convention center is one of the most popular tourist attractions. In fact, to many, it’s its own Anaheim travel destination.

The complex offers over a million square feet of space dedicated to a variety of exhibitions. It holds outdoor and indoor gatherings and some of the coolest trade shows around. It’s also very close to the Disneyland Resort. 

Find out what’s coming to town before you book a trip to avoid missing out on cool shows and exhibits.

9. Take to the Skies

Flightdeck Flight Simulation in Anaheim

A trip to the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center is not about sightseeing. Instead, it’s where you can step inside a cockpit and learn what it feels like to take charge of a real plane.

Granted, it’s one of the most booked attractions in the city as it does offer a variety of experiences, from flying fighter jets to 747 commercial planes.

It’s also not a hard place to reach – the simulator sits just five miles away from downtown Anaheim.

10. Catch a Game at the Honda Center

Anaheim Ducks

If you’re a hockey fan, don’t miss out on a trip to the Honda Center. The local team, the Anaheim Ducks, has been playing there since 1993.

The venue can seat around 17,000 people. If you visit during the NHL season and you can catch a game, the atmosphere is unforgettable. In the offseason, you might catch an interesting musical act or two because the venue gets converted into a concert hall.

11. Adventure City

Adventure City in Anaheim

Once you’ve seen Disneyland, it’s hard to look at other theme parks with the same level of excitement. But Adventure City in Anaheim does a good job of competing. It’s a smaller park that offers a variety of thrilling rides. And it’s also less crowded and much cheaper than its Disney-themed counterpart. 

You might want to consider it when traveling on a tight budget.

Enjoy the Heart of Orange County

If someone dropped you in the middle of this city, you’d have no problem finding something cool to do. There’s plenty of room to relax, get some vitamin D, cool off, or go off the charts on the excitement.

Anaheim is a very family-friendly vacation destination, but also one that gets a fresh second life after dark.

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11 Sights That Make Anaheim Worth a Trip