Dining Out in Vancouver? Check Out These Restaurants

Dining Out in Vancouver? Check Out These Restaurants

While not known as a foodie capital, Vancouver has its fair share of variety when it comes to modern cuisine.

Finding a tantalizing restaurant in Vancouver is one of the easiest tasks you can take on during your vacation. The city has tons of local and international-inspired eateries available. It also does a great job of balancing out affordable and upscale restaurants, so everyone can enjoy a memorable dining option.

Check out some of the best restaurants in Vancouver where both tourists and locals can discover their new culinary favorites.

Café Medina

Vancouver Café Medina

Café Medina is on many lists of favorite downtown Vancouver restaurants. It has a Mediterranean-inspired menu and arguably the best waffles in town.

But what sets Café Medina apart from other places is the fact that it only serves brunch. This makes it a trendy and also a busy spot. 

From 8 am to 3 pm during weekdays and 9 am to 3 pm on weekends, you can sample an eclectic menu and pair your waffles up with innovative house sauces.


Vancouver Glowbal

The restaurant has a welcoming ambiance and American-style cuisine, so don’t be surprised to see most of its loyal patrons eating there instead of using the delivery service.

Some of the favorite menu items include the sirloin steak, tuna poke, scallops, or watermelon salad. It also offers plenty of vegetarian-friendly dishes inspired by local and American cuisines.

Miku Restaurant

Vancouver Miku Restaurant

Miku is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver that specialize in Japanese cuisine. In particular, Miku serves aburi-style sushi that’s become a hit. This sushi involves some searing, which creates a distinctive smoky taste. Red Wave Rolls filled with crab and prawn or salmon sushi are top items on the menu. 

The mouthwatering food and proximity to the cruise terminal make Miku Vancouver a busy place, perhaps more so than the Yaletown location.


Vancouver Chambar Restaurant

Another top choice is Chambar on 568 Beatty Street. The restaurant is a classic Vancouver venue with an upscale diner menu and a Belgian-inspired brunch menu.

Whether you’re looking for breakfast bites or something to really tickle your taste buds, Chambar is sure to meet your needs. It’s one of the best restaurants in Vancouver after all.

Basil Pasta Bar

Vancouver Basil Pasta Bar

If you want a taste of Italy, Basil Pasta Bar offers a build-your-own approach. 

All the pasta is fresh made right there at the restaurant. You can then either sample classic recipes or select your own pasta, sauces, and protein and vegetables choice. There are also interesting house specials you could try, such as the smoked salmon fettuccine, or perhaps something Canadian-inspired like the maple bacon conchiglie.

What’s even better is that this restaurant has two locations – on 636 Davie Street and 1602 Yew Street.

Brix & Mortar Restaurant

Vancouver Brix & Mortar Restaurant

At Brix & Mortar, the central theme is all about fresh seafood choices. However, the menu also includes alternative protein choices such as lamb shanks and duck breast.

It’s a rather upscale place with prices to match. That said, the food and the wine bar can satisfy even those with the pickiest taste.

Sai Woo

Vancouver Sai Woo

Sai Woo offers an Asian menu that’s heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine. Peking duck and Chongqing ribs are the house specials.

Although it looks somewhat upscale on the inside, Sai Woo doesn’t have high prices for the quality on offer.

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Vancouver Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Fans of oysters know how amazing they taste. That’s why this little place is a popular date night spot with locals and visitors.

The vintage-style interior promotes a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of European bistros. Meanwhile, the seated oyster bar adds another dimension to the restaurant.

The restaurant is part of the Sutton Place Hotel. It also features a roomy champagne bar and an outdoor patio.


Vancouver Forage

Appropriately named, Forage is a local favorite. The menu has a wide choice but locally-farmed ingredients tie them together.

The seasonal dishes always taste amazing and you can pair them with British Columbia wines, cocktails, and beer. Some of the items on the menu are also very innovative – bison heart tartare, homemade Nutella, bison risotto, and so on.

It’s also a unique place in terms of operations, with zero-waste policies and eco-friendly energy efficient kitchen appliances.

Thierry Café

Vancouver Thierry Café

On 1059 Alberni Street you can find Thierry Café. This is a dessert restaurant that serves impressive cookies, tarts, cakes, and a wide range of seasonal treats.

Not only is it one of the best restaurants in Vancouver, but it’s also a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. Even better, the place doesn’t close until midnight, seven days a week.

The Wine Bar

Vancouver The Wine Bar

Granted, most people visit TWB for its wine selection. But it’s still one of the must-try restaurants in Vancouver.

You can pair any of the roughly 200 wines with some Provencal-inspired bites. There’s also an impressive cheese selection to really satisfy your palate.


Vancouver Botanist

Having lunch or dinner at the Botanist is likely to be a terrific experience, starting with the fact that the restaurant features some of the most photogenic food in the city.

Most of the dishes are mid-priced, although there are pricier options, too. 

The overall aesthetics, both on and off the plate, have Botanist as a highly ranked eatery. It’s all about combining perfect taste and innovative presentations.


Vancouver Wildebeest

If you’re not in the mood for food from all over the world, try Wildebeest. It’s as Vancouver as it gets in terms of menu, practices, and style.

You can sample sustainable and local seafood, seasonal dishes, and protein from organic-raised animals. The nose-to-tail cooking approach sits well with the locals and impresses any carnivorous visitors. It’s also a surprisingly affordable spot considering the high quality, hearty portions, and presentation.

You’ll Never Have to Taste a Bland Meal

The food scene in Vancouver is nothing short of competitive and may give most places in the world a run for their money. You can always enjoy the presentation of food as well as the taste.

Many restaurants choose to take advantage of the plentiful local seafood and other foraged ingredients. But the freshness of the food is what sets many of the restaurants apart. 

There’s a good degree of innovation too, thanks to some very talented chefs who made Vancouver their home.

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Dining Out in Vancouver? Check Out These Restaurants