Seeing Seoul – The Top Destinations in South Korea’s Biggest City

Seeing Seoul – The Top Destinations in South Korea’s Biggest City

Fabulous palaces and themed cafés – these are what you may have heard you’ll find on your journey through Seoul. But there are even more exotic locations and sights you need to see.

Seoul is the capital and the biggest city of South Korea where plenty of surprises are in store for the tourists. But if you’re to ever try to figure out the tourist attractions in Seoul to visit on your own, you may get confused. There are just so many spectacular things to see!

One thing is for certain, you need to start somewhere. Start with the top 10 places below.

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

It’s one of the big five palaces in Seoul and the most significant one. The palace dates back to the 14th century but only achieved completion in the 90s. Part of this enormous complex of today is the National Folk Museum of Korea.

Among others, you’re likely to find the museum’s antique collection impressive, but is it free? Know that tourists who are wearing traditional hanbok clothes can have their entrance fees waived when visiting this palace.

Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul

2. Bukhansan National Park

South Korea has numerous national parks for its size. There are 22 in total, and one of the most gorgeous is the Bukhansan National Park. It’s very close to the city and suitable for a one-day excursion.

You can spend the day hiking and enjoying the breathtaking landscape, followed by paying a visit to the Jingwansa Buddhist temple. Also, make sure that you stay there until the night falls for a magnificent view of the nightlights of Seoul.

Bukhansan National Park Seoul

3. N Seoul Tower

The Seoul skyline is already impressive, but the N Seoul Tower easily tops that. It’s 774ft high and you won’t believe the panoramic view of the city from the top. That’s because you must first take a cable car ride to get to its Mount Namsan location.

And like in some European cities, you can leave a lock on the roof terrace if you’re traveling with your significant other – a symbol of your love.

N Seoul Tower Seoul

4. Myeongdong Shopping Experience

When in the mood for a shopping tour, you shouldn’t (and probably can’t) miss Myeongdong street. It’s a vibrant street replete with all kinds of stores and goods.

It reflects Seoul’s spirit, and you may find it interesting to go there for people-watching even if you don’t intend to buy anything. There are also bars and restaurants that serve local street food. It’s simply all in all one of the top tourist spots in Seoul.

Myeongdong Shopping Experience Seoul

5. Bukchon Hanok Village

Would you like to know more about the city’s history and tradition? This colorful village is the ideal place to do it. The houses resemble those of the 14th century Joseon Dynasty Korea.

The country considers this village an important cultural landmark. That’s why, today, it’s a protected area where traditional Korean artworks are kept. The locals may even be willing to teach you how to play a traditional Korean instrument, such as kayagum.

Bukchon Hanok Village Seoul

6. Lotte World

If you want to stay active while in Seoul, this rec center will spark your interest. Lotte World includes plenty of sports facilities and houses the world’s biggest indoor theme park.

But if you prefer being outside, you can check out the Magic Island amusement park, take a monorail ride, and go shopping. You can also go to the Korean folk museum located within Lotte World for a dose of culture. One of the most deluxe hotels in Seoul is even within this complex.

Lotte World Seoul

7. Namdaemun Market

If you thought Myeongdong Street was a lot, wait till you see the Namdaemun Market. It’s so big that one day isn’t going to be enough to see it all. In fact, it’s the biggest in South Korea!

This market has different sections where you can buy dedicated items, such as clothes and handmade items. And if you haven’t had a chance to try traditional Korean food, you can do it here. Some restaurants even offer plastic replicas of their dishes to help tourists make up their minds!

Namdaemun Market Seoul

8. Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park

Time to meet the contemporary part of Seoul. This complex is a design center where Seoul somehow managed to squeeze in everything. If you’re after a shopping tour, this is where you’ll find anything you need.

The complex also includes workspaces and offices, so it’s suitable for those on a business trip. There’s no doubt that the building looks impressive during the day, but you should see it when it’s dark out. The center comes alive to more than 25,500 white LED bulbs.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Park Seoul

9. Samsung Museum of Art

The Museum of Art is one of the most popular places to see in Seoul. In fact, its unique design is something you’ve never seen before.

The museum, in fact, consists of two buildings. Its two main collections on display contain some of the best Korean and contemporary art pieces. As if to emphasize the value of the artworks showcased, the Government of South Korea even declared 36 of them as national treasures.

Samsung Museum of Art Seoul

10. Themed Cafés

It’s unlikely that you won’t know what to do in Seoul, but if you get tired and need a break, here’s a suggestion: check out their themed cafés.

Seoul is home to plenty of them. In fact, it’s more likely that you’ll stumble upon a themed café than a regular coffee shop.

Some let you pet an animal while enjoying your coffee. Others offer you to dress up as a princess. Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? There’s also a café dedicated to the world’s most famous fictional detective.

Themed Cafés Seoul

The Stunning Uniqueness of Seoul

You won’t be able to compare any other city to Seoul. That’s because it will lead you from the most traditional locations in the town to the most famous sights of modern life. The contrast between various tourist attractions in Seoul will surely wow and move you.

The best advice? Make a detailed plan before you pack your bags. That’ll make you fall in love even more with the constant buzz of the city.

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Seeing Seoul – The Top Destinations in South Korea’s Biggest City