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Palm Springs

The 10 Best Activities To Do for a Fun Trip to Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Tourists indulge in the exquisite hotel scene, but there’s much more to Palm Springs. Scenic landscapes, a rich history, and picturesque tram rides are among its many attractions.

At the dawn of the 20th century, Palm Springs, CA, became one of the most popular resort destinations in the United States. It’s open to tourists all year long and not even the oppressive heat stands a chance against the area’s jaw-dropping scenery and loads of fun activities. 

Keep reading to learn about the 10 best things to do in Palm Springs.

1. Take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

No Palm Springs visit can be complete without a scenic mountain ride on the Aerial Tramway. 

The world’s largest rotating aerial tram car will take you to the Mountain Station that’s equipped with observation decks and informative displays regarding the region and the trams. And after a quick ride to the top, you’ll set foot on the 10,000ft tall Mount San Jacinto. 

The next item on the agenda would be to explore the 50-mile hiking trails through Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains’ pine forests.

2. Have an Artsy Day at the Palm Springs Art Museum 

Spend a relaxing day away from the heat of the sun at the Palm Springs Art Museum. It features fine collections related to the performing arts and natural history. You’ll also have a unique opportunity to see some stunning pieces of Native American arts and crafts and artifacts. 

Visiting the Art Museum is considered one of the most kid-friendly things to do in Palm Springs, as most children will enjoy the animals and fossils on display. There are also various theater and music performances all year round. 

3. Take a Stroll down the Date Farm

Here’s an interesting fact about Palm Springs: More than 90% of dates grown in America are produced here. Lovers of this particular fruit can visit the giant 17-acre Shields Date Garden situated less than 30 minutes away from Palm Springs. 

This farm is perfect for everyone curious to explore some exotic date culture. 

If you can name a date product, you can probably find it there. You can also enjoy the daily movie screenings or take a stroll through the botanical garden littered with hand-crafted Christ statues.

4. Visit the Moorten Botanical Garden

The incredible Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium is located on the south end of Palm Canyon Drive. Everyone interested in cacti and other desert plants will be able to feast their eyes on a wide range of trees and plants in various stages of growth. 

It’s best to visit the gardens in the spring when the trees turn green again, but the park is open year-round. And if you’d like to take a piece of the Palm Springs flora with you, there’s a commercial nursery where you can buy some. 

5. Set Foot on the Giant Estate at Sunnylands 

The founder of TV Guide, Walter Annenberg, used to call this massive estate home. This is also where former U.S. presidents attended some of the most heralded summits of the day.

Have a peek at some of the mansion archives, explore its decorative art selection, and admire the bourgeois tableware. 

Just 25 minutes from downtown Palm Springs, the movie-like mansion is open to visitors every day except Mondays and Tuesdays. 

6. Make Friends with Giraffes at the Living Desert Zoo

Looking for family things to do in Palm Springs? 

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a world-class zoo that’s perfect for the whole family to explore and see actual desert flora and fauna. If the kids have never crossed paths with a desert, this is the perfect place for them to gain insight into the unique ecosystem. 

The best time to visit is early mornings when the animals are most active. After all, you don’t want to walk around a zoo that’s full of drowsy giraffes, zebras, camels, just to name a few. 

And if you’re ready to take your visit up a notch, you can sign up for the special nature walks or wildlife shows on tap. Most kids will enjoy feeding the giraffes, wouldn’t you say?

7. Visit the Air Museum

Military aircraft enthusiasts will be excited to learn about and explore the many World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War-era warplanes on display. Most of the collection can be found inside hangars, a nice getaway from the heat. 

For an even more authentic experience, there are museum tours hosted by veterans, many of whom may even have personal experience with the aircraft on display. 

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even hitch a ride in some of the museum’s warbirds!

8. Enjoy the Indian Canyons Sanctuary

This is a stunning natural sanctuary to the south of Palm Springs. Spanning three different canyons, the place is considered a paradise for passionate hikers and those looking to take in some desert scenery. 

The hike starts at the Palm Canyon, a 15-mile long trail surrounded by waterfalls and a creek and decorated with giant palm trees. 

For bird-watching enthusiasts, the Andreas Canyon is as good as they come for local bird sightings. Finally, the Tahquitz Canyon is a tribal land with hiking trails and a 60-foot giant waterfall. 

9. Explore the Coachella Valley Preserve

Here’s another jaw-dropping landscape that will help you make long-lasting memories. The 13,000-acre raw desert and mountain space is home to vibrant wildlife that you can explore. 

There are three preserve areas, of which the most popular is the Thousand Palms Oasis. 

You can go on a hike guided by volunteer docents and the trails are open for public access from May until September, Friday through Sunday.

10. Attend VillageFest

Hopefully, you’ll be around Palm Springs on a Thursday evening, as this is when the magical VillageFest takes place. It’s a fun evening out with the family where you can find plenty of jewelry, arts and crafts, as well as mouthwatering snacks and musical performances all along the street. 

Explore the 180+ stalls that vendors set up on the town’s Main Street and host an open-air party in any of the booths available across the street. 

The event usually starts at 7 pm and finishes up at 10 pm. Save the date (every Thursday, all year round) and time!

Leisure and Pleasure in Palm Springs

Scenic hikes, out-of-this-world landscapes, distinct local traditions, and modern lifestyle – Palm Springs has it all for everyone. You’re going to enjoy this exotic little town, no doubt.

So, prepare your itinerary, pack your bags, and bring your cameras. This trip will be one for the books.


Indian Canyons (And Six Other Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Palm Springs)

Indian Canyons (And Six Other Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Palm Springs)

Embrace the breathtaking landscape, history, art, and unique pieces of Americana in an unforgettable destination.

The many resorts of Palm Springs are surrounded by desert terrain, mountains, and valleys. That’s why tourism here has been in development for over a century. There are hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and gorgeous mid-century architecture for you to check out. 

Besides that, there are festivals to visit and culture to enjoy. Man-made wonders stand out in contrast to the incredible natural landscape, combining for an experience of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for more than just relaxation, there’s so much to see here. A weekend won’t be enough to take in everything the area has to offer. That’s why you should check out this list of tourist attractions in Palm Springs to maximize your trip.

1. Experience Indian Canyons

There are several Indian canyons in the wider Palm Springs area. And all of them are unique and present a window into a complex world and a rich past. 

The Indian canyons have an aura of detachment from the surrounding landscape and a balance with their environment at the same time. And it consists of three main canyons.

The Palm Canyon simultaneously showcases various indigenous peoples and stands out from the desert landscape, as if belonging to another world. While there, you can find maps, books, Indian art, and handmade artifacts in the Trading Post

Meanwhile, the Andreas Canyon is home to numerous plant species and exotic rock formations that give it a distinct look. Surrounding it is a lush, otherworldly, natural ambience. And in this idyllic and peaceful area, you can find remnants of the ancient Cahuilla culture. 

South of Andreas Canyon lies Murray Canyon, which is not as frequently visited as the others. It’s populated by wildlife rarely seen anywhere else. The fauna of Murray Canyon includes several endangered species that have found refuge in this secluded gem.

2. Walk with the Dinosaurs

Right at the edge of the town of Cabazon, passers-by will be surprised by the sight of a gigantic brontosaurus. And lurking behind it is a T-Rex, with its stare fixed firmly on the road.

This is the famous Cabazon Dinosaurs roadside attraction. 

The hulking reptilians greet visitors to the small complex, which contains a museum, restaurants, and an open dinosaur exhibition. There are currently over 50 dinosaurs at the display.

The two towering dinos are the unrivaled stars of the show. But they aren’t just sculptures – they’re actual buildings you can enter. Dinny the Dinosaur houses a gift shop and can be visited free of charge, while there’s an admittance fee for Mr. Rex. Once inside, you can climb several flights of stairs to get to the head and view the surrounding area right through its jaws.

3. Take off with the Aerial Tramway

Near the renowned Palm Springs sign and the visitor center that looks like it landed straight from the Star Wars universe lies Tramway Road. This road goes through the desert and into the San Jacinto mountain. And at the end, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway awaits.

The world’s largest rotating gondola travels for about 10 minutes, taking passengers up a further 6,000 feet, and to a 40-degree colder viewpoint. Waiting at the top are observation points, restaurants, theaters, a museum, and a gift shop. Below lies the vast mountain expanse with numerous hiking trails.

Even without all those commodities, the Aerial Tramway ride is fascinating enough. Its line seems to hug the mountainside, and the rotating gondola offers a panoramic view to remember.

4. Explore the Tahquitz Canyon

The one thing you wouldn’t expect to see in a hot, dry environment is a majestic waterfall. That’s why the Tahquitz Canyon will take you by surprise with just that – and plenty more. This oasis abounds with native plants and wildlife thriving around the water. 

However, that’s only the natural treasure that can be found in the canyon.

Tahquitz Canyon was historically the home to the Agua Caliente Indians. That’s why it’s filled with numerous traces of their culture. You can still see the early Agua Caliente artifacts in rock art, irrigation systems, and the remnants of villages. Most of these artifacts are millennia old.

5. Take a Stroll in the Garden

Close to the Tahquitz Canyon is the Moorten Botanical Garden. 

While not a very large area, the garden has a wonderful nature trail. It houses over 3,000 species and a special area dubbed Cactarium exhibits the rarest plants. The nursery offers a selection of young desert plants you can take home and plant in your own garden.

It’s hard to describe the serenity and beauty of this garden. The only way to experience the feeling is to visit the place yourself. 

6. Dive Into the Museums

Museums housed in Palm Springs are a must-see. Their exhibitions cover a wide range of subjects, from nature and art to history and military. But the two you shouldn’t miss out on are the Air Museum and the Art Museum.

Palm Springs Air Museum has more than 40 aircraft on display, most of which are combat planes from the World War II era. The exhibition includes the famed “Flying Fortress” B-17 and many other models. You can also fly in some of the historical planes at a considerable price.

Meanwhile, Palm Springs Art Museum has an impressive collection of pieces, including works by Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Marc Chagall. The museum building is a piece of artwork in itself, and it’s small enough to explore in a couple of hours.

7. Pay a Visit to the King

Whether you’re an Elvis Presley fan or not, you should visit the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway. It’s an excellent opportunity to see a stunning piece of architecture. This is the estate Presley rented with his newly-wed wife in the ’60s for their honeymoon.

Annual concerts and other events also take place on the site. And you’ll often find the King’s tribute artists escorting the tours.

Enjoy Palm Springs, a Place to Be Revisited

There’s something for everyone when visiting Palm Springs. From ancient history to pop-culture, from wonders of nature to modern art and shows, it’s a place always worth returning to.

Much more than a resort haven, there are countless treasures to explore in Palm Springs.

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What to Do on Your Next Trip to Palm Springs

What to Do on Your Next Trip to Palm Springs

It’s a given that you can enjoy relaxing activities in this famous vacation spot. But what else can you do in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is a well-known vacation destination. It’s filled with mid-century architecture and resorts but offers plenty more. So don’t be surprised to discover a new feature of the area every time you go on a trip to Palm Springs.

As you might expect, you can have a fun, active vacation in the middle of the beautiful landscape. But there’s so much to do and see here, from sports to sightseeing. So here are eight activities for you to enjoy in your next Palm Springs vacation.

1. Hike Through the Area

Many Indian Canyons surround Palm Springs and these offer over 15 miles of hiking trails. Creeks and small rivers run through the oasis, and wildlife flourishes. You can also witness the remnants of the old Cahuilla culture preserved through the ages. 

Mt. San Jacinto is perfect for those interested in longer hikes. The best way to get there is via the Aerial Tramway. The 10-minute ride is impressive, providing you with an unforgettable view of the landscape. Once you get to the top, there are over 50 miles of trails waiting for you. But if you visit during the snowy winter season, you can go skiing instead.

Hiking in the Palm Springs area can be relaxing or intensive, depending on your preference. Either way, it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. But bear in mind it’s essential to bring an ample supply of water for the hike.

2. Compete at Boomers!

If you’re up for some wild fun, Boomers! Palm Springs will fulfill all your needs. 

Here you can participate in Go-Kart racing on exciting tracks. For a similar experience with more kick to it, there are bumper boats that can safely collide at full speed. And to ramp it up, Boomers! made sure to equip the boats with water cannons. Both rides have two-seater options, but the driver must be 18 or older.

If you like fun activities with less adrenaline, there’s miniature golf and batting cages. It also has a dedicated Game room with all kinds of games, like shoot-’em-ups, dance games, and even VR.

3. Ride Out Into the Sunset, Literally

For a peaceful and heart-warming experience, you should visit the Smoke Tree Stables. There are more than 150 miles of trails here that’s perfect for horseback riding through the gorgeous landscape. And you can take guided rides for any length of time.

Smoke Tree Stables also offer equine therapy. Instead of rides, these noble animals can help you do some soul searching. The insights you get can boost self-esteem and improve relationships.

4. Make the Perfect Escape

If you like a challenge, Escape Room Palm Springs will give you some of the best. There are six creatively themed games for you to choose from. Each has a 60-minute deadline to beat and up to 65 players will have to work in unison to find all of the clues.

All of the rooms are private, perfect for family, friends, dates, or team building. The games are award-winning and some of the best in Southern California. It’s truly a great thrill to experience.

5. Visit the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

This combination of a zoo and a botanical garden is set in a natural environment. 

Its zoo features more than 450 animals, including cheetahs, zebras, and more. And for a fee, you can experience all the joy of feeding the giraffes. Meanwhile, the botanical gardens consist of different replicated areas. 

There’s also a Discovery Center and its cafes offer lunch. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is welcoming for hikers.

6. Cheer at a Baseball Game

The Palm Springs Stadium is a historical site that offers you the chance to see professional teams compete for an affordable price.

The POWER organization has games in the summer. Here, college players from many states face off in quality matches. Meanwhile, the California Winter League gives young players the chance to sign contracts by letting them show off their skills. 

You can follow the games and even witness a part of baseball history.

7. Watch the Skaters Or Try Skating Yourself

Palm Springs Skatepark has a huge surface made for skateboarders and in-line skating. 

To begin with, the Flow Bowl has many elements suitable for beginners and advanced skaters alike. Its elements, such as rails, ramps, and quarter-pipes, are carefully placed. That’s why the Flow Bowl will give the beginners a pleasant skate but can also test those already experienced.

The Combi-Bowl is an encircled area made for bolder performances. Here the skaters can develop great speed, and those with enough skill can show off the most impressive tricks. If you’re not an intermediate or pro-level skater, you can still enjoy the show. The excitement and challenges will fill up every minute spent here.

There are strict safety regulations in the Skatepark. Everyone must wear a helmet, knee, and elbow pads. In the Palm Springs Skatepark, safety and spectacle go hand in hand.

8. Play Along at the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert is the best place for kids in Palm Springs. Three galleries feature over 80 exhibits and are fit for children of all ages.

Each gallery specializes in a particular type of exhibit. The Annenberg Gallery focuses on building, puzzles, and similar games. The Dinah Shore Center houses exhibits where children can learn about physics. Finally, the Traveling Exhibit Gallery has guest exhibits from the whole country.

In addition to the galleries, the museum also offers Outdoor Experiences. There’s the Rancho Mirage Trike Track for safe and exciting tricycle racing. The Discovery Garden features different plants and butterflies. There’s the fascinating Music Garden where almost all items are playable. Finally, kids can visit the Harvey Tortoise Habitat and meet some loveable creatures.

Make Every Visit to Palm Springs Memorable

Palm Springs has more to give to its visitors. So whatever your interests may be, you’ll find an outlet for them here.

If you need some quiet time or wish to have a fun weekend, you’ll find it all in Palm Springs.

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