The Top Nine Most Exciting Things to Do in Bangkok

The Top Nine Most Exciting Things to Do in Bangkok

Don’t waste a single minute of your trip! If you want to have a memorable trip to this exotic city, include these in your to-do list.

Bangkok is more of a touristy city than you realize. Some may not be crazy about that, but the flocks of tourists that still flood the city streets all year-round are proof that it has something great to offer to everyone.

This city has amazing cultural hotspots to offer, as well as plenty of modern amenities and unique attractions. Check out some of the things you shouldn’t miss out on.

1. Visit the Grand Palace

It’s no wonder that the Grand Palace ranks as the number one tourist attraction in Thailand’s capital. After all, a tour of this majestic site is one of the best things to do in Bangkok, especially on a sunny day.

The palace has been around since 1782 and construction concluded the same year Bangkok became the capital of Thailand. Today it’s more of a tourist hotspot since the king visits the palace only for official ceremonies.

Unlike similar structures, the Grand Palace is actually a massive complex. It features over 100 palaces, pavilions, and other builds. 

You can visit the complex every day. One ticket allows entry into all the buildings and museums, including entrance to a Thai dance show hosted by the Royal Theater.

2. Shop at the Chatuchak Market

You shouldn’t shy away from the weekend markets on your Bangkok trip. And Chatuchak Market should be on your list – it’s the largest one of its kind in Thailand. However, you’ll only find it open on weekends.

Make sure you also get a map of the place. Believe it or not, the market hosts over 15,000 stands. A significant section of the market offers food. Other areas have dedicated stands for jewelry, clothes, souvenirs, and so on. 

There’s a lot to see and it’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of shops.

3. Take a Stroll in Lumpini Park

When you wake up to good Bangkok weather, you might want to consider visiting the city’s largest park. Plenty of tourists and locals explore it but it’s still a nice escape from the bustle of big crowds.

It also has some of the widest green spaces in the city. The landscaped paths are gorgeous and take you all around the lake. And if you travel with the kids, you can also find some playgrounds in the park. You can even rent swan pedal boats and hit the lake on a scorching day.

Lumpini Park is a great spot to take some pictures of wildlife, too. You can easily spot the local Malay lizards that look pretty similar to Komodo dragons. They can get quite big and are a common sight near the lake.

4. Enjoy a Special Dinner

Taking a river cruise is already one of the most popular things to do in Bangkok. So why not take it one step further?

You can enhance the cruise experience by booking a nighttime trip. Then, you can enjoy a full-on dinner cruise service right on the Chao Phraya River. The cuisine is local and very tasty, with the illuminated buildings as a majestic backdrop.

Bangkok is already a beautiful city during the day. But it looks even better at night when the entire city lights up. 

5. Get a Panoramic View of the City

When you’re done shopping in Bangkok, why not take in more sights? Rooftop bars are some of the hottest attractions in the city, so feel free to see a bird’s eye view of the city while enjoying your drink.

In that regard, Baiyoke Tower certainly is the cherry on top. It has a lovely terrace 77 floors above ground. You can go even higher and enjoy the best panoramic view of Bangkok from the 84th floor.

Buy or book a ticket in advance since the spot is a tourist hotspot. Included in the ticket is a buffet, so you can spend some time on the roof deck and enjoy the scenery while indulging in some sumptuous dishes.

6. Ring Thrills

What’s Thailand’s national sport? It’s Muay Thai. 

Even if you’re not a boxing fan, you have to see at least one Muay Thai match in your lifetime. It has a different kind of atmosphere from what you usually experience in western countries. It’s a real show with boxing dances, real fights, native music, and crazy crowds cheering for their favorites.

You’ll also find that boxing is almost an everyday event in Bangkok, so booking a ticket to an event shouldn’t be too difficult.

7. Relax the Traditional Way

You see plenty of Thai massage parlors all over the world. After all, it’s supposedly one of the most relaxing techniques you can experience.

So while in Thailand, why not ensure you get an authentic massage, at least for the sake of comparison? It’s one of the best things to do in Bangkok and not as pricey as you may think.

You’ll get off the table a bit sore but at the same time stretched and relaxed like never before.

8. Explore the Floating Markets

Chatuchak Market is quite the experience. But there’s no reason to deny that you’ll run into big crowds. Bangkok’s neighboring floating markets, on the other hand, provide a different kind of experience.

Touring and shopping at a floating market is one of the top exciting things to do in Bangkok.

It’s the reason why these markets flood tourists with vibrant colors, exciting merchandise, and a healthy dose of Thailand folklore. Some companies even offer tours of the floating markets.

9. Travel the Khao San Road

Believe it or not, this is Bangkok’s most cosmopolitan area. What was years ago a destination for backpackers is now a tourist hotspot.

What’s the reason to visit Khao San Road? It’s packed with restaurants, bars, and cheap accommodations. It also has some of the city’s best spots to grab a drink at night if you want to experience Bangkok nightlife.

Enjoy Every Minute

With generally good weather all 365 days of the year and a clash of cultures, Bangkok is not your typical Thai vacation destination. It offers terrific parks, historical buildings, river cruises, floating markets, and so much more.

Many tourists return to do new things or relive past experiences. It’s a place where boredom is impossible, even though it’s not the quietest city to sleep in after a long day.

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The Top Nine Most Exciting Things to Do in Bangkok