What to Do in Daytona Beach with Kids

What to Do in Daytona Beach with Kids

Kids can have as much fun as teens and adults in Daytona Beach. After all, there’s always something exciting to try both indoors and outdoors.

Florida may have a varied reputation as it’s home to elderly communities, vibrant nightlife, and spring break parties alike. But when it comes to Daytona Beach, it’s more family-friendly than most people think.

The northern Florida city on the Atlantic coast offers loads of activities for the younger crowds, from the educational to the downright thrilling.

Spend a Day at Sun Splash Park

Visiting an oceanfront park is one of the best things to do in Daytona Beach with kids. And one of the most ideal for this is the Sun Splash Park, as it offers a shaded playground, picnic areas, and a cool water fountain. Not to mention decorative walkways and volleyball courts. 

The facility spans four acres and contains pretty much all amenities you may need in a day. As a side bonus, it also offers free parking.

An Exciting Karting Experience

One of the most fun things to do in Daytona Beach is to try your hand at go-karting. The Speedway Indoor Karting Daytona facility offers only high-end equipment. It also boasts courses for all skill levels and a variety of go-karts, including those for juniors.

The facility also hosts racing leagues, parties, corporate events, etc. It’s a busy attraction, so booking your spots in advance is always best.

The Interactive Reptile Discovery Center

Which kid doesn’t like reptiles? After all, they’re fascinating to the young ones. That’s why visiting the Reptile Discovery Center is one of the top things to do in Daytona Beach with kids.

The facility hosts a variety of native and exotic snake species, among other reptiles. It also has a snake venom extraction show that runs twice a day. It’s something that’s hard to witness in many other locations.

On top of all the indoor fun, the Reptile Discovery Center also boasts a nature trail where kids can see iguanas, alligators, and other reptiles in their natural habitats. You can even take a break and have a picnic in designated areas.

Visit the MOAS

The MOAS is the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach. It’s where kids can see many fossil galleries, Americana collections, and even Coca-Cola memorabilia.

This museum puts on rotation plenty of exhibits throughout the year, but it also has many permanent ones on display. Of particular interest to kids are the auditorium and planetarium, which are always worth visiting while vacationing in Daytona Beach.

Marine Science Center

You may also want to book a trip here, as it offers an immersive experience with diverse local wildlife. Kids can see exciting exhibits of whales, mangroves, and seabirds. The Marine Science Center also works on the rehabilitation of sea turtles and boasts its own artificial reef aquarium. 

Note that the facility is closed on Mondays.

An Afternoon at the Amusement Center

What’s a better place for a family with kids visiting Daytona Beach than a family-owned amusement center?

You’ll find the Joyland Amusement Center right on the Boardwalk in Daytona. It’s where you can find plenty of fun things to do with kids, such as going on thrilling rides and playing video games and old-school arcades.

The place also operates gift shops and snack bars. If visiting in May, you can also catch the iconic Boardwalk fireworks on Saturday nights.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you find yourself in the Riverfront Marketplace, why not try a chocolate factory tour? Kids will surely enjoy both the chocolate-making process and the free samples. The tour only takes around 20 minutes and it’s free for everyone to join.

Go Horseback Riding

If you want more relaxing things to do in Daytona Beach with kids, try horseback riding. The Equestrian Adventures of Florida offers long tours on the beach or in the local state parks, making it a very calming experience. 

Book reservations in advance as it’s a popular activity throughout the year.

Catch a Game

When visiting Daytona Beach, you have to take a trip to the Jackie Robinson Ballpark. It’s an iconic landmark in American sports history after all. And if your schedule allows it, try to take your kids to a game at this amazing ballpark.

Even if you can’t catch a game, taking a tour of the ballpark and seeing some of the memorabilia can still give you a good time.

Cool Off at the Daytona Lagoon

For more Daytona Beach kids activities, the Daytona Lagoon is always a good choice. It’s the best water park in the area and has relatively low admission rates.

The park offers multiple slides for all ages and a lazy river to chill in. It’s one of the best places to cool off and recharge after a day on the beach in sunny, hot Florida.

Go to the Beach

Daytona Beach is famous for its nightlife and even daytime beach parties. But there are plenty of family-friendly spots where you can just sit down and relax.

The water temperature is great when in season and the kids can try a variety of water sports and other activities. You can also go to any number of pet-friendly beaches.

Burn Some Energy at Tuscawilla Park

If you travel in season, Tuscawilla Park offers tons of amenities. 

Are you looking for cool things to do in Daytona Beach with kids? Why not try an easy no-obstacle zipline course?

Want to relax while your kids play? Take them to the shaded playground.

Want to engage in family-friendly activities? Go try some frisbee golf. 

Tuscawilla Park is a big park with a lot to offer to everyone.

Take a Chance

Not enough families book trips to Daytona Beach when vacationing with their young ones. What people don’t realize is that kids can have a lot of fun down there and also learn a lot from nature tours and wildlife interactions.

Most parks offer playgrounds, while the Boardwalk and other locations have an endless store of entertainment for all ages. You won’t have to worry about the kids growing restless while in Daytona Beach.

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What to Do in Daytona Beach with Kids