What to Do in Savannah, GA

Do you want to be entertained, amazed, or scared? In Savannah, you can feel all those and more at your leisure.

Savannah, Georgia is one of the most visited cities in the state outside of Atlanta. Its rich history attracts civil war buffs, while the natural beauty draws in nature enthusiasts. 

But truly, it’s the combination of everything that makes Savannah a different kind of tourist hotspot – and it’s one that can cater to crowds of all ages.

If you’re heading this way soon, check out some of the best things you can do to make your trip a truly memorable one.

#1 – Take a History Tour

Sightseeing and tours are among the top things to do in Savannah. Georgia was the 13th established colony in America, thus, Savanna’s rich history dating back to 1733 is well worth exploring.

With its wide variety, most tourists can find a suitable tour for them. You can learn about the city’s past and present through tours focused on architecture, photography, visiting historic mansions, and much more. 

#2 – Walk Along the River Street

If you ever find yourself looking for things to do in Savannah for free, going on a stroll in the Waterfront district may just be right for you. Over there, you have the iconic River Street that stretches along the Savannah River.

It’s a very lively area that’s packed with galleries, eateries, bars, and souvenir shops. River Street is also a great place to do a pub crawl, listen to street musicians, or just watch the boats go by.

#3 – Visit Forsyth Park

A stroll in this massive 30-acre park is easily one of the best things to do in Savannah. You can explore the park or just sit back and relax after a day of sightseeing. 

You should also know that Forsyth Park is perhaps Savannah’s most iconic site.

The old Candler Oaktree, war memorials, and historical buildings are always popular with tourists. You can also enjoy moments of serenity in the Fragrant Garden that’s specially designed for the visually impaired.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to bring your phone or camera to take photos of nature at its finest.

#4 – Visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

You don’t have to be an architecture buff to appreciate this beautiful Gothic cathedral. But keep in mind that the building you see these days is not the original one.

Initially, French colonists built the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in the late 1700s to the early 1800s. But at the end of the 19th century, the original building was demolished.

That rebuild made room for the large stone cathedral that we see today, which consists of gold-leaf designs, stained-glass windows, and a famous Italian marble altar. You can even compare it to many of the top European medieval churches.

#5 – A Trip to the Plantation

How does a visit to the first Colonial estate in the area sound? 

Know that Savannah is home to the Wormsloe State Historic Site. Here, you’ll get to see the oldest, and still standing, structure in Savannah.

But what’s even more impressive in a way is the road to the plantation. In fact, one of the best things to do in Savannah is a stroll on that road. 


It’s a mile-long avenue that’s bordered by live oak trees covered in Spanish moss. The path to the ruins of Wormsloe offers probably the most iconic sight in Savannah, courtesy of its towering arch of oak trees.

When you reach the plantation, you can also check out the local museum and learn more about the founding of Georgia.

#6 – Try the Riverboat Cruise

If you don’t fancy walking or hopping on a bus, you have another option to go sightseeing in Savannah. A riverboat cruise is an excellent alternative.

Most cruises last well over 90 minutes and can also include a meal. You’ll even be able to book cruises with guides that can make your entire journey a narrated tour. To get the most out of this experience, try to book a ticket for a trip on a sunny day and ask for outdoor seating. 

Exploring the riverboat itself can also be fun since you won’t find functioning models in many places these days.

#7 – Go From the Museum to the Pub

A fantastic way to experience Savannah is the proverbial pub crawl. But if you want to have a different take on the usual pub crawl, make the dry museum your first stop.

The American Prohibition Museum is  the first and only in the country that’s dedicated entirely to the Prohibition era. Learn about the history of the Prohibition in one hour and check out some of the memorabilia. 

Travel back to the 1900s and learn about what steered American politics towards outlawing alcohol. Leaving the museum to start a pub crawl might give you a different appreciation for partying out in the open.

#8 – A Day Trip to Tybee Island

Located 15 miles away from the Savannah city center, Tybee Island is another top local attraction. It boasts five miles of beachfront property and a famous lighthouse.

Also, on the island is where you’ll find the Marine Science Center. It’s a top attraction for kids and nature lovers alike. 

If you want to enjoy great seafood, see some points of interest, and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, know that a trip to Tybee Island is one of the best things to do in Savannah.

#9 – The Fort Pulaski Monument

For all Civil War buffs, the Fort Pulaski National Monument is a must-see site. It’s most famously known as Robert E. Lee’s first assignment after graduating.

Although the West Point graduate eventually moved on to new duties, the structure remained with the Confederacy until 1862. Interestingly, once under Union control, the fort rapidly became a haven for enslaved people, many of whom were declared free in Savannah.

#10 – Meet the Local Ghosts

It may sound funny, but ghost tours are among the most famous Savannah attractions. Lots of tourists flock to hear ghost stories, explore dark alleys, and get a good scare going if they can.

Some of the stories tie in with Savannah’s history. Others are perhaps less believable. Either way, ghost tours are highly popular in Savannah and even enthusiastically recommended by most tourists.

You can also check out the Bonaventure Cemetery. Aside from being a gorgeous site thanks to its architecture, design, and vegetation, it’s also a popular ghost-hunting spot during the night.

A Historical Gem Located Deep in the South

There are many things you can do in Savannah if you plan your trip well. Natural beauty aside, its historical significance, excellent food, and quirky activities can keep you entertained for days.

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What to Do in Savannah, GA