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10 Things You Must Do Before Your Leave Santa Barbara

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After you’ve found your way around the Stearns Wharf, it’s time to explore other Santa Barbara points of interest.

Some may have the impression that this Spanish-influenced city is going to be boring because of its laid-back atmosphere. The reality? It’s far from it.

You’ll be greeted with so many amazing sights the moment you step foot in the city. And if you’re on a budget, don’t worry. There’s plenty to do here even for free.

If you’re running out of ideas when it comes to filling out your itinerary, here’s a list of the top 10 things to do in Santa Barbara for you to check out before packing your suitcases. 

1.  Visit Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park

The Chumash Indians painted this unique archaeological phenomenon that’s located just three miles south of the San Marcos Pass. You can get there by taking Highway 154 North and making a turn on the Painted Cave Road. 

This historical park is part of the state park system of California, and it features shallow sandstone caves with numerous drawings. It is believed that they depict Chumash cosmology that could be more than 1,000 years old. 

This is one of the very few parks where you get to explore Chumash rock art in person.

2. See the Santa Barbara County Courthouse

See first-hand the area’s Spanish-Colonial architecture by paying a visit to one of the most stunning public buildings in the United States. 

The Santa Barbara County Courthouse is fully operational and garnished with a distinctive four-facing clock tower, roofs of red tiles, and the most elegant arches. 

Feel free to stroll down the verdant gardens, take a self-guided tour for a short site history lesson, or climb the clock tower for a panoramic view of the town and beyond. 

3. Go to El Presidio de Santa Barbara

Want to step back into the time of the Conquistadors?

Visit one of the city’s few preserved sites – this one features four military outposts constructed by the Spanish. Two original presidio buildings were restored, while others are currently under excavation and reconstruction. 

These presidios were key defense settlements, of which the Santa Barbara Presidio was the region’s military and governmental center. 

4. Admire the Local Art Scene

The Chromatic Gate has to be the one Instagram picture-perfect spot in Santa Barbara. Located at the Calle Puerto Vallarta and Cabrillo Boulevard intersection, this iconic structure of vivid-colored arches also comes with an amazing ocean view. 

Next down the road on Canon Perdido Street is King Carlos’s statue. This art piece pays homage to the town’s Spanish heritage and is located in a park dating from 1782. 

To finish the tour, stroll past the dolphin fountain near the Stearns Wharf and the Sacagawea heroine statue at the corner of Victoria and State streets.

5. Visit the Old Mission

Ever since its foundation in 1786, Old Mission Santa Barbara has been a gathering place for many. Today, it includes a museum, cemetery, mausoleum, and gardens. It’s one of California’s most beautiful 18th-century sites and the only one with twin bell towers. 

The building was designed by Fr. Antonio Ripoll who copied it from a Roman architecture book dating back to 27 BC. Surprisingly enough, that book can still be found in the Mission Museum!

6. Explore the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Looking for fun family things to do in Santa Barbara?

Founded by local divers, fishermen, and sailors, the Maritime Museum documents Santa Barbara’s rich and diverse maritime history. 

Become lost in 8,000 square feet of exhibits, stroll down the docking space with three historic vessels, and plunge into the 5,000 square foot artifact collection. 

After exploring the interactive exhibits, enjoy the stunning land and sea view. 

7. Explore the East Beach

As you enter the beach area from Los Angeles, you’ll be greeted by one of Santa Barbara’s most beautiful beaches. Situated on Cabrillo Boulevard, this wideset beach is the best place to get carried away by the sights and sounds of the waves and the heat of the sun. 

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Santa Barbara, why not go for a round or two of beach volleyball? There are a few courts available for everyone who’s feeling sporty. This is in addition to a vast park filled with picnic tables, the Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center, and a handful of restaurants. 

You can get away from the crowded touristy beach and enjoy the less populated East Beach area in Chase Palm Park. 

8. Ascend the Knapp’s Castle Remains 

Explore the region’s mountain ring by ascending the Knapp’s Castle, a palatial estate that burned down 70 years ago. What keeps the place busy are the majestic views that far exceed the hassle of a 0.8-mile trip with a 50-feet elevation change. 

You’ll have the Santa Ynez River Canyon and Lake Cachuma at palm’s reach. More interestingly, all of these can be seen through the castle’s remaining archways. 

Hike to Knapp’s Castle while you can, as the construction work that was supposed to have taken place may soon resume.

9. Have Lunch at the Cold Spring Tavern 

Perfect for a Saturday afternoon lunch, Cold Spring Tavern serves delicious local food in an idyllic historical setting. 

Choose between indoor fireplace seating and the outdoor areas shaded by blossoming trees and get cheered by ever-lasting bird songs. It’s also worth mentioning that the folks over at the tavern still use gas lanterns for their warm glow. Some of the in-house specialties include the tri-tip sandwich, onion rings, and buffalo burgers. 

This ultimate country dining place has hosted many renowned Americans, such as Roy Rogers, Merle Haggard, Robin Fillmore, and Susan B. Anthony. 

10. Go On a Trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo

The town zoo is home to 146 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. And there are over 500 animals in the naturalistic open habitats. 

With million-dollar views of the ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, the zoo is a wonderland of entertainment, animals, and conservation. Your kids will even have the unique opportunity to meet the Masai giraffes, the largest ones in the world. 

Note that the zoo requires reservations, though you can book your tickets online. 

 Have a Blast in Santa Barbara 

There are plenty of things to do in Santa Barbara and beyond. Ascend the nearby hills, enjoy the amazing views, dine in authentic restaurants, and admire the art scene.

To make the most of your stay, make sure to get away from the crowded areas and explore the natural beauty before you leave. 

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Endless Luxury: The Gateway to Exclusive Travel Savings

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Breaking Free from Rate Parity

The travel industry is shackled by the ‘Rate Parity Rule,’ a common practice where hotels maintain consistent pricing across all public platforms. This means the price you see on one website is the same as on another, preventing public websites from undercutting each other. However, Endless Luxury operates outside this paradigm.

Like exclusive warehouse clubs such as Costco, where members get special deals not available to the general public, Endless Luxury leverages its closed user group structure to sidestep rate parity. This unique positioning allows it to offer luxury accommodations at discounts up to 70%, a benefit not available on public booking platforms.

More Than Just a Travel Club

Endless Luxury is not just about discounted stays; it’s a comprehensive travel solution. With a focus on exclusivity and value, the club offers a range of benefits:

  • Unbeatable Hotel Discounts: Members enjoy access to luxurious accommodations worldwide at fractions of standard prices.
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A Commitment to Satisfaction

Endless Luxury’s confidence in its service is reflected in its customer satisfaction rate and the high referral rate from existing members. The club’s virtual presentation emphasizes this, showcasing real-time price comparisons and member testimonials to validate its value proposition.

The Pricing Model

The club’s pricing is structured to offer flexibility and value. With options for a one-time fee or installment payments, it caters to different financial preferences, ensuring that luxury travel is accessible to a wider audience.


Endless Luxury is redefining the travel industry by offering exclusive deals and experiences at rates not available to the public. Endless empowers its members to explore the world in style without the hefty price tag. For those seeking a travel experience that blends luxury with affordability, Endless Luxury is an undeniable choice.

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New AI Technology Helps Travelers Find the Best Flight Deals

AI technology in travel

Flight Wizard is the new game changer in the world of travel. This revolutionary website uses cutting-edge AI technology to help travelers find the best flight deals available on the market. Gone are the days of endless searching and comparing, Flight Wizard does all the work for you!

The website is easy to use and intuitive, providing users with a simple and efficient way to search for flights. Flight Wizard uses advanced algorithms to compare prices and routes from a multitude of airlines, allowing customers to find the lowest priced options in just a matter of seconds.

The user-friendly interface of Flight Wizard is perfect for both seasoned travelers and those new to the game. Users can filter their search results by airline, price, time of day, and even by stopover locations. With Flight Wizard, finding the perfect flight has never been easier.

But Flight Wizard isn’t just about finding the best flight deals. The website also provides users with important information such as flight times, baggage allowances, and in-flight amenities. This means that customers can make informed decisions when choosing their flights, ensuring that they get the best possible experience for their budget.

Flight Wizard also offers a variety of payment options, including popular online payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe. This means that customers can book their flights with confidence, knowing that their payment information is secure.

In addition, Flight Wizard provides excellent customer service. The website has a dedicated team of travel experts who are available to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have. From booking to boarding, Flight Wizard is there to help every step of the way.

With its innovative AI technology, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer service, Flight Wizard is quickly becoming the go-to website for travelers looking for the best flight deals. So why wait? Book your next flight with Flight Wizard today and experience the future of travel!

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The 12 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Denver, Colorado

Visit Denver Colorado

The 12 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Denver, Colorado

Planning a trip to the Mile High City? The views are spectacular at one mile above sea level and higher. And there are many outdoor and indoor activities for tourists all year round.

Denver is the most populous city in Colorado. It’s also a tourist hotspot due to its fantastic scenery and quirky attractions. It has parks, museums, and miles of trails, among many others. And almost no amazing area is off-limits throughout the year.

Not sure where to spend some time while in Denver, Colorado? Check out these locations.

1.   Spend Half a Day at the Red Rocks Park

The Red Rocks Park in Denver offers amazing views and miles of hiking trails. It’s where you can see amazing sights, namely the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

But that’s not all the 700 acres of rust-colored scenery has to offer.

The park also features a massive amphitheater that hosts world-renowned artists. What’s even better is that you get to experience the unique acoustics created by the park’s natural features. Bordered by the red rocks, the amphitheater is always worth a visit, if nothing at least for the view.

2.   Visit Washington Park

For more outdoor recreation, visit the Washington Park. It’s just three miles from the city center so it’s easy to fit in your itinerary. The park occupies 165 acres and has two huge lakes.

For Denverites, it’s a regular weekend hangout spot. And for tourists, it’s an amazing spot near Denver where you can rent a boat or play some tennis.

The park is open all the time but, the facilities have their own schedules.

3.   Sightsee on Colorado Highway 5

Denver is all about the views. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on sightseeing on the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. This spot is accessible by car so it’s easy to get to at any time. With an elevation of 14,264ft, the view here of the Rocky Mountains is amazing.

And if the idea of standing on the tallest paved road in America excites you, there are multiple stopping points along the road for you to do so. It makes it easy to avoid crowds of tourists who want to do the same.

4.   Tour the Denver Art Museum

When you’re ready to immerse yourself in art, the Denver Art Museum is a great choice. It consists of two buildings featuring over 70,000 works of art. Even better, the museum’s collection features exhibits from artists with diverse backgrounds.

And it’s not just for art lovers. There’s a bit of everything here for everyone, including nice architecture.

5.   Have a Beer at Coors Field

Visiting Coors Field is on many tourists’ to-do lists. After all, it’s the Colorado Rockies’ home field that’s sponsored by the famous beer.

Ground tours are available in the off-season. There are video batting cages that scream fun for all ages. Why not try your luck at hitting fastballs?

Best of all, you’ll always have a view of the Rocky Mountains that tower over the ballpark.

6.   Check Out the Museum of Transportation

If you’re out of luck with Denver weather, here’s another indoor destination – the Museum of Transportation. It has a large collection of quirky automobiles, including Amelia Earhart’s Big Boy locomotive. And your kids might get a kick out of seeing Herbie the Love Bug.

Everything looks alive in this weird little museum. Especially with all the mannequins posing in and around the exhibit pieces.

7.   Take a Stroll Down Larimer Square

If you’re looking for things to do in Denver, a trip to Larimer Square should bring up plenty of opportunities.

This square is actually a street no longer than one block. And yet, it is rich in historic buildings, shops, boutiques, and restaurants. You’ll have lots to do here both day and night, what with the lively atmosphere that seems to never end.

8.   Reach for the Skies at the Rockies Air & Space Museum

If you thought the Museum of Transportation was a weird hotspot, wait until you see this museum.

Not only is it rich in history, but it also features amazing aircraft. Where else would you see a B-18A Bolo and a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter in the same hangar?

The guided tours are great for taking in some knowledge. And the unique collection of space vehicles is one you won’t find anywhere else.

9.   Go Climbing

Being next to the Rocky Mountains, Denver is one of the best cities to visit if you’re a climber. But even if you’re not, you can try your hand at it if you want to. That’s because there are many companies that offer lessons and guidance.

For starters, check out the Outdoor Climbing School for a variety of programs for those traveling with or without kids. You don’t have to be an expert to take a shot at climbing the Rockies.

10.   Visit the Denver Botanic Gardens

The gardens are a beautiful place to go for a walk. They feature multiple conservation programs and a variety of natural habitats for many species. There’s even a tropical biosphere if you want to see some exotic plants. And the Japanese garden section looks as authentic as it can be.

Did you know that you can also have a picnic at the Denver Botanic Gardens? It’s an amazing destination for those who want a more relaxing outdoor adventure.

11.   Quick Stop at the Colorado State Capitol

Are you a history buff with a thing for the Gold Rush? You might want to make a quick stop at the Colorado State Capitol building. Commissioned in the 1980s and made out of white granite, this historic building is impressive to see in person.

It’s a landmark location that perfectly commemorates the Colorado Gold Rush, complete with a golden dome made with actual gold leaf. In fact, you can climb and get to the top of the dome if you want an amazing view of the city.

12.   Visit the Denver Zoo

The zoo’s 8 acres of land houses over 4,000 animals – from aquatic creatures and invertebrates to birds, reptiles, and mammals. And it’s not the only sight to behold.

There are also some cool Lego animal replicas around the compound. These are sure to excite the younger audience, especially once they see the animatronic dinosaurs.

Prepare for a Rocky Adventure

Back in 2016, Denver received the award for being the best place to live in America. And the city hasn’t slowed down since.

But if you’re just visiting, you might want to plan a longer vacation because there’s a lot you won’t want to miss.

There’s so much to do here in Denver – whether it’s hiking the Rockies or touring unique museums and attractions.

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