Where to Take Your Kids in Glasgow

Where to Take Your Kids in Glasgow

Have a fun and educational family vacation in the Scottish metropolis.

Glasgow is a beautiful city full of history. There are medieval buildings, museums, and historical parks. Although it might seem too serious, there are plenty of things to do in Glasgow with your kids, too.

Places for kids in Glasgow include exhibits that offer fun tours, parks, and a range of outdoor and indoor activities. These include a trampoline park and the science center in Glasgow. 

The largest city in Scotland has many attractions waiting for you to discover with your kids. And we’ve listed down five for you to check out.

1. The Tall Ship Glenlee

The Tall Ship Glenlee in Glasgow

Glenlee is the exhibit ship at the Tall Ship, a maritime museum on the Clyde River. It is open for guests to explore in detail, from the top deck to the cargo hold. The tour of the ship is free, although there’s a small fee if you want the audio guide.

The Tall Ship designed the Glenlee tour with children in mind. Your kids can go through every deck and learn about the ship. There’s even a play area for children under five in the cargo hold. The organized events include a daily Captain’s Challenge and the Mouse Hunt, named as such because kids are to find every mouse toy hidden on the ship.

The Glenlee has many features on different decks. The second, or tween deck houses a cafe and a gift shop. Below, on the lower deck, there’s an education room. Finally, the play area mentioned above is in the cargo hold, along with a mini-cinema. A visit to Glenlee is one of the most fun things to do in Glasgow for kids and adults alike.

2. Loch Lomond Sea Life Aquarium

Loch Lomond Sea Life Aquarium in Glasgow

Located on the shore of the fabulous Loch Lomond, the Sea Life Aquarium showcases Scotland’s fascinating marine life. The lake is near Glasgow and it takes only 20 minutes to get there from City Center. There are several themed zones where kids can discover numerous species that inhabit the local waters.

The Lochs of Scotland zone exhibits the creatures of local lakes. Meanwhile, the Deep Loch Tank is home to more dangerous species, such as UK-native sharks and rays. You can have a closer look at the rays in the Bay of Rays zone. The Tropical Ocean Tunnel will take you from the lochs to the deep sea, exploring the ocean wildlife.

Kids will particularly enjoy some of the milder hands-on features, such as Rockpools. This zone has micro-habitats of sea creatures, like starfish and shrimps. The whole family can marvel at the fantasy-like miniature seahorses at Seahorse Cove. Finally, the Sea Life Aquarium is home to three cute short claw otters, a kids’ favorite.

3. Glasgow Spy Mission Treasure Trail

Glasgow Spy Mission Treasure Trail

If your kids want an exciting adventure on Glasgow’s streets, this is the perfect activity. The Glasgow Spy Mission Treasure Trail will take you on a spy investigation and make everyone feel like sleuths. The trail map can come by mail or you can download it in PDF.

The trail is circular and goes around Glasgow’s West End, so you can explore the city while solving the mystery. There are clues you need to solve to progress in the story, and you can get additional helpful texts.

The Glasgow Spy Mission Treasure Trail is self-guided, so there’s no time limit. There are also no opening or closing hours. However, the trail is best completed during the daytime. Other than that design choice, there are no limiting factors. You can solve the mystery in about two hours, or you can take it easy and spread the exploration to the whole vacation.

The Treasure Trail is a perfect way for kids to get to know Glasgow. They’ll get to see many of the city’s landmarks during this fun investigation game.

4. Glasgow Science Center

Glasgow Science Center

The Science Center in Glasgow is an amazing place where kids can learn while having a great time. There are various exhibitions with educational, interactive, and hands-on experiences. If your kids have a passion for science-related questions or love to find out how things work, this is the best place for everyone to go.

The Bodyworks exhibition takes you on an interactive exploration of the human body. There are eight zones covering different aspects of human biology. Children can learn more through fun features, such as the balance boards or giant hamster wheel. All of the exhibits are interesting and colorful, made to intrigue the investigative children’s minds.

Meanwhile, the Space Zone takes you on a walk through the solar system. It’s a very immersive experience that gives kids the opportunity to learn about space and planets. The entrance to the Planetarium is at the end of this walkway.

Of all the things to do in Glasgow, a visit to the A Question of Perception exhibition is among the most memorable. The exhibition features optical illusions, puzzles, and different challenges. A visit to this exhibition is also a great opportunity to take some fun family photos.

5. Trampoline Fun in Glasgow

Trampoline Fun in Glasgow

No list of the best places for kids in Glasgow would be complete without mentioning a visit to the trampoline parks. Fortunately, there are numerous locations for trampoline fun around the city. All parks are child-friendly and safe, so the kids can spend the whole day bouncing around.

The Flip Out Glasgow trampoline park features over 200 trampolines, a ninja warrior course, and more. There are also various special sections, including the low-lights, relaxing autism section. The party rooms are available to book for kids’ parties, and there are even children’s fitness classes.

Ryze – Xtreme Air Sports offers oversized trampolines, foam pits, trampoline dodgeball, and giant airbags. The whole family can have amazing bouncing fun, and you can grab food, drinks, and snacks at the local cafe when everyone needs a break.

Bring Your Kids on a Memorable Vacation

Glasgow has a lot to offer to everyone. There are attractions to see and new experiences to discover. Best of all, kids can have a great time in the city and learn much in the process. 

Visit Glasgow and you’ll find more activities than would fit into a single visit. The fun memories you get here will be the best reason to revisit the city.

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Where to Take Your Kids in Glasgow