Why Should You Visit Galveston? – Here Are Five Fantastic Reasons

Why Should You Visit Galveston? – Here Are Five Fantastic Reasons

Wondering if you should make Galveston your next travel destination? Here are five reasons to prove that it can be one of your best ideas ever.

Galveston is a go-to destination for many Americans, not just southerners. And it’s due to its rich tourist offering. 

It can be a place to have fun on the beach. It can also be an informative trip that’s littered with visits to museums and historic sites. It’s a great destination to take your children, too, as Galveston also has water parks and other entertaining programs for the young ones.

Long story short, Galveston has all that you may be looking for in an ideal vacation spot.

These are the most obvious reasons to visit Galveston and soak in the island’s charm.

1. It’s Got Culture

The beautiful coastline makes Galveston crowded during the summer, but the island’s line-up doesn’t end there. As mentioned, there are a lot of cultural programs you can enjoy here.

Why not start your sightseeing tour with a few museums? You may like the floating museum featuring a massive old sailing ship named Elissa. There are other museums dedicated to the sea, which comes as no surprise. And if you find yourself in the Strand Historic District, you might want to check out the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and the Texas Seaport Museum.

The Bishop’s Palace also operates as a museum today. It’s over 100 years old and one of the most important Victorian mansions in the United States. The interior of the villa resembles a castle, which, you may agree, makes it very interesting to visitors.

Similarly, the Bryan Museum is quite fascinating from an architectural point of view. The old orphanage has become one of Galveston’s most impressive museums. You’ll be able to see artifacts from different times, including the Native American period. This museum is also home to many artworks created by native Texan artists, and some of the other states as well.

2. It’s Got History

Whatever landmark or museum you choose to visit, you’ll have an opportunity to hear the many impressive stories from the island’s past. The history is quite rich, and that’s why you won’t run out of new places to visit.

The East End and the Strand are the two most famous historic districts in Galveston. You’ll find at those districts some stunning architecture. And when you get tired of admiring the Victorian mansions and Greek-style façades, you can sit down for a drink in a pub. Tourists particularly recommend visiting the old candy shop where they still make sweets using traditional methods.

3. It’s Got Nature

Other than beaches, Galveston has many natural sites where you can relax and enjoy outdoor activities. Animal lovers will find a visit to the Galveston Island State Park quite amusing. Its ponds are particularly noteworthy since they’re the natural habitat of many interesting bird species.

Another stunning nature park is the Big Reef. It may take you a while to get there but it’s absolutely worth it. You can also engage in birdwatching at this park, and you can just follow one of the hiking trails if you feel like getting active. The East Lagoon Nature trail is very popular with tourists and locals both. Feel like fishing? You can also do that here.

And if you have a mind to find more unique things to do in Galveston that have to do with nature, listen up. The East End Lagoon Nature Preserve is simply beautiful and perfect for exploring the island’s wildlife and plants.

4. It’s Got Fun

As an island, Galveston has a wide range of water sports and other exciting beach activities. There’s so much to try – from low-adrenaline stuff like snorkeling and exploring the coral reefs to extreme water sports.

For a unique experience, you can go paddleboarding or kayaking. There are also night tours for the more adventurous. But if you want a kid-friendly one, go on the BayWatch Dolphin Tour. It’s handled by a family-operated business that organizes 45-minute-long tours for both children and adults. The prices are pretty affordable, too.

There are also places for fishing, surfing, and renting electric bikes or jet skis – the choice is entirely yours. And if you also want the kids to have fun, take them to the Fun Town Water Park near Crystal Beach.

Just a word of caution. If you’re traveling to Galveston in March, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to swim. Most Texans will tell you the water’s still too cold, save for maybe if you’re a regular visitor of mountain lakes or the like.

5. It’s Got Entertainment for the Kids

If you’re traveling with your children, it doesn’t mean your trip will turn into an endless search for ways to keep the youngsters happy. Not when you’re in Galveston.

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier is a unique park in Texas suitable for the whole family. There are a few thrilling rollercoasters and rides, a Ferris Wheel, and other colorful attractions. No need to go anywhere else to get something to eat or souvenirs for your friends back home – you can have it all within this complex. Check the calendar if you wish to check out one of the Pleasure Pier events that regularly take place here.

Depending on their age, your children will take to one or more of the water activities available on Galveston beaches. You can take them snorkeling or surfing, and the brave ones may even try something more challenging, like jet skiing, for one.

The Perfect Blend of Chic, Fun, and Culture

From impressive museums to adrenaline-filled water sports, Galveston has something for everyone. You’re likely to find whatever you’re looking for in an ideal vacation on the island. Just don’t forget to bring lots of sunscreen and quality shoes for walking around this fabulous island.

These five reasons to visit Galveston are probably enough for you to start packing your bags. Enjoy creating your own itinerary of places you want to see in Galveston.

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Why Should You Visit Galveston? – Here Are Five Fantastic Reasons