A Kelowna Bucket List for All Ages

A Kelowna Bucket List for All Ages

Kelowna welcomes visitors from all walks of life and of all ages. It may not be a huge city, but it offers so much in terms of indoor and outdoor entertainment.

If you’re taking a trip to British Columbia, then Kelowna should be part of your itinerary. It’s a small city on the Okanagan Lake that you can spend weeks in and still find something to excite you.

Animal interaction, brewery tours, and hikes are just a few of the things you can do. Whether traveling alone or with family or friends, take advantage of everything Kelowna offers.

#1. Horseback Riding

Kelowna Horseback Riding

Of the many things to do in Kelowna, riding a horse is among the most popular. There are many ranches and stables that cater to people of all ages. You can even find ponies for kids as young as three years old to ride.

You can book a private trail session or go on group rides. Some ranches offer rides only within the premises. But many of them take you on guided horseback tours through the backcountry. It’s an enjoyable activity and the scenery in Kelowna makes it even better.

#2. Hit the Beach

Kelowna Okanagan Lake

If you want to spend some time at Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is the best city to do it in. It has so many beaches that offer immediate access to the lake.

You can sunbathe or have a picnic against the picturesque backdrop of the lake. You can rent paddleboards and BBQ boats here. Some beaches are also pet-friendly, which is excellent for anyone who brings their dog with them on vacation.

#3. Go to a Water Park

Kelowna Splash BC Water Park

Who doesn’t like hitting a waterpark to cool off in the middle of the summer? It’s one of the best things to do in Kelowna for everyone.

Splash BC Water Park offers a variety of boat tours and water sports. If you want to escape the sun completely for a few hours, try the H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre. It’s an indoor facility with a wave pool, three water slides, and a lazy river. There are also outdoor waterparks for you to enjoy.

#4. Interact with the Animals

Kelowna Kangaroo Creek Farm

Who doesn’t want to check out some exotic animals? Whether traveling with kids or not, interacting with animals on vacation is always good fun.

At the Kangaroo Creek Farm, you can see both domestic and exotic wildlife. The farm offers an immersive and interactive experience, as you’ll rarely see any fences. You can spend at least two hours observing roos in an open environment. Wallabies are also a massive hit with most visitors.

#5. Explore the Myra Canyon Park

Kelowna Myra Canyon Park

Any Kelowna tour should include a trip around the Myra Canyon Park. But you don’t need a guide to check out the breath-taking landscape.

You can hike many trails on your own, or drive through the park. What’s most appealing, however, is a bike ride. Exploring the park on two wheels is highly rewarding and not as difficult as you might expect.

Myra Canyon has many trestle bridges. The remnants of the old railway network now act as walkways for people who want to visit the canyon and take in the fantastic views. The trestles are impressive for mountain bikes, too.

What’s even cooler is that you get to pass 18 bridges in total, as well as two tunnels on the journey.

#6. Go Bird Watching

Kelowna Bird Watching

If you’re a nature lover or want a more relaxed outdoor activity, try bird watching. The lush parks and forests in Kelowna make it an ideal location for all.

There are dozens of species of birds that stay here all-year-round. Gull-watching and shore birding are two of the most popular activities. Yet there are enough urban birding experiences, too. There’s even a rare bird alert hotline that you can call to get more information about unique locations.

#7. Rock Climbing

Kelowna Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym

Kelowna has more to offer to thrill-seekers and active tourists aside from biking and hiking. There are a couple of local bouldering and climbing spots, for example.

If you don’t have climbing experience, you can stop at the Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym first. Get a few lessons in and learn about what gear you need in specific locations.

#8. Get a Few Swings In

Kelowna Golf Course

You don’t have to be an avid golfer to enjoy some time on the course. Kelowna is one of the top Canadian golf destinations with 19 courses, all in close proximity.

What’s more, Kelowna gets a lot of sun throughout the year. Therefore, golf seasons in the valley are very dry. It’s not difficult to pick a time where you know you’ll have amazing conditions on the course. This makes golfing one of the most fun things to do in Kelowna.

#9. Hop on a Guided Wine Tour

Kelowna Guided Wine Tour

Kelowna has so many wineries, it’s impossible to hit all of them in one short trip. Especially if you want some time left over to engage in other activities.

But wine tasting is one of the preferred things to do in Kelowna for many tourists. Here you can see how local wineries make their wine. You can talk to expert winemakers and go barrel tasting. Of course, you can also get to see spectacular views of the valley.

#10. Absorb the Culture

Kelowna Kelowna Art Gallery

Kelowna isn’t all about the outdoors or the wine. There’s much more you can do. In fact, it has a fascinating history. 

So, learn about Kelowna’s meteoric rise to enchanted city status by visiting the local museums. You can also absorb more of the culture if you visit the art galleries and studios in and around the city. Also, check out some of the local talent and find out what inspires them.

An Enchanted City in the Valley

It may not be Canada’s top tourist attraction. But once you take a closer look, you start wondering why that isn’t the case.

The city of Kelowna and its surroundings offers so much in terms of outdoor and indoor fun. There are activities suitable for any season. You can find something there for the budget-minded traveller. And there’s enough to please the more refined tourists, too.

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A Kelowna Bucket List for All Ages