The Eight Unique Bars in Seattle You Must Visit

The Eight Unique Bars in Seattle You Must Visit

More than having a drink, you’ll find memorable experiences in Seattle’s colorful bars.

Seattle certainly doesn’t lack for great bars. The largest city of Washington state has a wide range of places that offer excellent beers, wines, and cocktails in diverse settings. And the styles vary greatly – from the classic bars to extravagant, colorful venues.

Of course, the Pacific Northwest is a fantastic wine region, so you can expect plenty of quality wines here as well. Not to mention more and more craft breweries and distilleries are propping up to quench your thirst for a drink. That’s why whenever you want to have a drink in Seattle, it’s bound to be a good one.

Some of the more unique bar settings in the city make the night out especially enjoyable. With so many places to choose from, thinking about where to go could be overwhelming. Read on to discover the eight unique bars in Seattle you absolutely must visit.

Gold Bar

There’s something so refreshing and exciting about the idea of having Caribbean cocktails this far up north. And the lively Gold Bar offers just that. 

The cocktails range from the classics to distinctive, creative ones, including their own carbonated varieties. To top it off, there are Latin American snacks that fit in perfectly with the exotic beverages.

The interior is designed like a set of living rooms with furniture in different styles, plenty of colors, and unusual wall decorations. This downtown bar also features a big outdoor space so there’s plenty of room for all.

Seattle Gold Bars

Beveridge Place Pub

If you’re up for some tap beer, there are 32 taps to choose from here. In fact, this West Seattle bar is notable for its beer selection. What also makes it interesting is that the beers served are mostly regional. 

The interior has a classic, comfortable look with a lot of wooden details. There’s also a charming garden for enjoying some tasty beers whenever the weather allows. Pet lovers will especially love the fact that the Beveridge Place Pub is a dog-friendly bar in Seattle.

Seattle beveridge place pub

Redhook Brewlab

The wonderful brick patterns at the entrance to the Redhook Brewlab are in stark contrast with the modern building that towers over the bar. 

True to its name, this bar offers creative, small-batch beers made from new – sometimes experimental – recipes. There’s also a great food menu, with dishes that come from the stone-heart oven. But the most exciting part is the fact that your drink is brewed on the spot.

Inside, the wood and brick elements combine with a touch of steampunk provided by open pipework, metal grates, and scaffolding. The atmosphere is charming and just right for trying out some excellent beers you’ve likely never tasted before. 

Seattle Redbook Brew Lab

Ben Paris

This bar is located at The State Hotel in downtown Seattle. While food is at the center of the offer, there are excellent drinks and cocktails in particular. Both the food and drink menu is superb, offering unusual twists on some old-timey recipes.

The same goes for design. It’s got that Americana feel to it, but with a modern touch. The interior is spacious and cozy at the same time, featuring an impressive bar. 

All these make for a great experience, whether you’re up for a drink or a full meal.

Settle ben Paris


It’s a wine bar in Madrona made in a rustic style with tremendous attention to detail that’s simply gorgeous. As expected from its name, the bar’s indeed located in a classic house, and with a comfortable patio. The atmosphere is very casual and homey that’s ideal for the wine tasting and dining experience.

Naturally, the central focus of the drinks menu is the wines that include European and regional bottles. Many are also available by the glass. Besides the wine, Bottlehouse offers beers, ciders, and other beverages. Not to mention the food menu is carefully made to blend with the drinks.

Seattle Bottle House

Bathtub Gin & Co.

As might be expected, gin is a staple drink of this bar – with 30 kinds of spirit on offer. However, Bathtub Gin & Co. is also renowned for its cocktails, and there’s a small but fine selection of beers and wines. You can also order several delicious snack plates that perfectly complement the beverages.

The interior is dominated by brick and wood, with soft, warm lights throughout the space. There’s also a unique mood to the bar that leaves an almost movie-like impression. 

Bathtub Gin & Co. is a respectable venue and a memorable place to visit.

Seattle bathtub gin co


This one’s less about the drinks and more about the experience. Of course, you could just sit down and have a beer or a cocktail, but that’s not what this bar is about. 

Add-A-Ball is an arcade bar with a huge collection of coin-operated machines, including pinball, Pacman, and the multiplayer extravaganza, Killer Queen.

The drinks are quite affordable, although the menu is limited and doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary. The main point of visiting this bar is to have fun with the games, after all. And with so many multiplayer varieties, it’s best to bring as many friends as you can.

Seattle add a ball

Capitol Cider

The first cider bar in Seattle is an attraction in many ways. 

Besides more than 200 ciders on the menu, Capitol Cider serves as a restaurant and a venue for various events. There’s something new happening weekly – from live music to theater shows. You could come across a game night, a burlesque show, or the widely popular Drink & Draw night on your visit.

When it comes to the menus, there are local and worldwide ciders, craft beers and cocktails, and a fine selection of wines. The kitchen is as superb as the drinks offered, with delicious gluten and nut-free dishes.

Seattle capitol cider

Have the Best Night Out in Seattle

More than going out for a drink, the most unique bars in Seattle will turn every night out into a lasting memory. You’ll have a great time filled with new experiences, delicious food and drinks that are a feast for your senses, and venues that are marvelous to look at.

Whether you’re from the area or visiting the Emerald City, don’t hesitate to stop by some of the memorable bars in Seattle and check out the best that the city’s bar scene has to offer.

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The Eight Unique Bars in Seattle You Must Visit