Miami Beach on a Budget – Five Things to Do

Miami Beach on a Budget – Five Things to Do

There’s plenty to enjoy in Miami Beach, even if you’re backpacking. This welcoming place can give you great fun without draining your wallet.

If you’re feeling uncertain about visiting Miami Beach without a hefty bank account, don’t worry. There are many things to do in Miami Beach that are quite affordable. Some might not even require you to spend a dime.

What’s even better is that if you don’t want to overspend on the clubs, resorts, and restaurants, you’ll have time to experience more of the city and discover its less renowned treasures. 

For all of those who plan to visit Miami Beach on a budget, check out five things to do in Miami Beach that will leave you satisfied and, crucially, not drained of funds.

  1. Get to the Beach

Miami Beach features expansive stretches of white sand beaches that are so iconic for the city. In most cases, access to public beaches is free, which might as well be the most significant commodity available. Whether you’re traveling to Miami Beach on a budget or not, such beach access is something no one should miss out on.

You can grab some drink and snacks, get your beach gear and a good book, and head for the sand right from the main road. Even if you’re not up for spending the whole day in the sun, a couple of hours just lounging around can still provide you with great fun. Plus, you can get your daily workout with sports on the beach or swimming. 

It’s hard to imagine a better day out than one spent beside the ocean waves.

  1. Grab Some Delicious Food

The pedestrian Lincoln Road is famous for restaurants and stores. Taking a walk along this street is delightful on its own, but if you’re looking for a bite to eat, there are many wonderful, affordable eateries on the strip.

You can grab a pizza, go for delicious Cuban food, or pick one of the wide variety of options. There are inexpensive restaurants, as well as takeout places to choose from. You’re sure to find something to satisfy your tastebuds.

The additional enjoyment here comes from having your meal while surrounded by the lively atmosphere of the vibrant Lincoln Road. There are plenty of great dishes to try in the casual environment that’s definitely not without its charm.

  1. Marvel at the Architecture

Miami Beach is filled with Art Deco architecture that doesn’t get enough credit among the party-going crowd. If you like Art Deco – and to be honest, it’s really hard not to like it – a visit to Miami Beach on a budget is the perfect opportunity to delve into the gorgeous style.

You can go on a journey of exploration through the historic Art Deco District. There are more than 800 buildings designed in the style and built during the 30s and 40s, but it’s best to do so starting from the Park Central Hotel.

You can take a break in a nearby cafe and either continue to admire the architecture or decide you’ve had your fill of the bold, flamboyant facades. In any case, taking some time to check out the Art Deco District will be a decision you won’t regret.

  1. Catch the Happy Hours

The nightlife in Miami Beach isn’t reserved only for those with deep pockets. In fact, many venues offer exceptionally low prices for drinks during happy hour. So even if you’re on a budget, dressing up and dropping by for a tasty cocktail at the right time is quite manageable.

There are discounts on drinks in some bars on weekdays, while different venues will have happy hour start as early as 3 PM and continue to as late as 2 AM. So whenever you feel like going out and not overspending in Miami Beach, you can do it. 

  1. Spend Some Time at a Museum

Many get surprised when they find out that Miami Beach houses many excellent museums that charge relatively low entrance fees. Whether you’re interested in art, history, science, or culture, you’ll find it all in the museums in Miami Beach.

The Institute of Contemporary Art hosts exhibits of modern artwork with a focus on local and lesser-known artists. However, there are also works by very famous masters, such as Picasso, Trockel, Schnabel, and others. But if you’re not into contemporary art, you could go right to the sculpture garden. While there, you can find various exhibits and even stumble upon a special event.

The Haitian Heritage Museum is also a cultural center where you can experience much of Haitian music, history, movies, art, and literature. What makes the fascinating museum even more appealing is the location – the museum is located right beside the Little Haiti neighborhood.

For a spicier museum experience, be sure to visit the World Erotic Art Museum. But don’t mistake the place for a simple source of corny humor. There’s actual history between those walls, with some of the sculptures and drawings dating back more than two millennia. There are even pieces by some superstars of the art world like Picasso and Dali.

Have a Great Vacation While Sticking to a Budget

The list of great things to do in Miami Beach is extensive, even on a budget. It’s great to know that a city renowned for luxurious parties and jet-setters can still be open for exploration for everyone.

Along with budgetary restraints, there are some perks to spending moderately in Miami Beach. When the temptations of the nightlife are out of reach, the soul of Miami Beach grows closer. This gives you the chance to find out what the city’s really about.

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Miami Beach on a Budget – Five Things to Do