The Ultimate Hack to Planning a Vacation in Adelaide

The Ultimate Hack to Planning a Vacation in Adelaide

Do you want to go on vacation in one of the smaller tourist hotspots? Adelaide is an excellent destination for budget travelers. But there are some things you should know first.

A trip to Adelaide won’t set you back as much as a trip to Sydney. So if you want to spend more time in Australia, this is where you can do it on a smaller budget.

There are plenty of things to do and see once you get there. So don’t let the lower popularity ranking fool you. Here are nine tips to make the most out of your trip.

Getting There… The Unique Way

ghan train adelaide

If you want to take an unusual trip to Adelaide, start in the northern region. From there, take The Ghan train ride that spans 1,851 miles. It takes around three to four days to reach Adelaide, but you get to see an amazing scenic route on the way.

It’s not the cheapest train ride or the shortest by any means. But it gives you an outstanding view of both Northern and Southern Australia.

The Best Time to Visit

Best Time To Visit Adelaide

Most people that request Adelaide travel tips want to know about when is the best time to visit, and rightfully so. 

You may not know that between July and August, temperatures may drop to the low 40s. And you also may not know that this is when the city gets most of its rainstorms. 

Expect plenty of showers and brisk weather if you visit in the winter. Of course, it’s when you will find cheaper accommodation and less crowded tourist hotspots.

Visiting from March to May or September to November is often best. These are great seasons to visit, as temperatures rise into the 70s. It’s also when rainfall is very rare.

It’s also best to avoid the summertime in the Southern Hemisphere if you want to get the best deals on your trip.

Also, try to schedule your trip around Adelaide’s artsy festivals. While most of them are held during the peak seasons, it’s still worth planning around them. You can still find great deals on accommodation if you book your trip in advance.  

The best thing about local festivals is the plethora of free outdoor shows and public activities.

Going on a Budget

adelaide city

Although it’s a popular tourist destination, it’s not on the same level as Sydney or Melbourne. That’s what makes it a go-to pick for budget-minded travelers. There are also tons of things to do in Adelaide and it’s easy to get around.

Transportation within the city is usually cheap. So is accommodation, especially in the off-seasons. But the food isn’t necessarily cheaper than in other major cities. That said, you can save some money by having dinner in Chinatown.

You can also rent bikes for free, as long as you return them by 5 pm. It’s yet another way to save money for other activities.

And if you depend on an internet connection, Adelaide might disappoint you because free Wi-Fi is scarce. Not all hotels and hostels provide free Wi-Fi – many, if not most of them, charge you for the service. But there are areas with free Wi-Fi, such as Rundle Mall or the State Library.

By planning ahead, you can create a budget that allows you to see everything the city offers. One of the best things to do in South Australia is to check out the local wildlife, as the region has amazing zoos and reserves.

In Adelaide, you can see Giant Pandas – there aren’t that many places where you can do that up close. While the zoo’s entry is a bit pricey, saving money on other things such as food and transportation may help.

You can also hop on a cruise and go dolphin watching. If you pay a little extra, it’s also possible to swim with the dolphins in some areas – always a great choice for the adventurous traveler.

Different Sites for Different Tastes

Wine Tasting Adelaide

If you like churches, know that Adelaide is the City of Churches. The city has well over 500 Christian churches alone. And that’s not counting other places of worship.

Most of them are free to visit and are quite impressive to look at. So, if you’re looking for free things to do in Adelaide, this is one of them.

But you shouldn’t stop exploring after sunset – you must create a nighttime itinerary when you plan a trip to Adelaide. The city has a lot to offer after sundown, which is impressive for such a quiet city.

Why not take unusual tours or grab a drink in a local secret bar? You can also go wine tasting, stargazing, or watch a movie marathon at the drive-in. Compared to other Australian cities, Adelaide offers tourists a variety of activities at night.

Did you know that some of the world’s best wines come from South Australia? So if you want no-brainer Adelaide travel tips, here’s one – go wine tasting.

Set some time aside to visit the local wineries or go to popular pubs and sample the vintage local collections. You’ll find your palate constantly surprised by the quality of the locally-produced wine.

It’s no surprise wine tasting is one of the top tourist activities in the area.

Planning Makes for an Unforgettable Trip

Adelaide is a city you can visit alone, with friends, or with family. It caters to every kind of visitor and people of all ages.

You can have fun during the day or at night and engage in many free activities. Its gorgeous scenery, amazing wines, and lively nightlife make it a haven for budget vacationers.

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The Ultimate Hack to Planning a Vacation in Adelaide