The Seven Spots in Anaheim That You Need to Visit

The Seven Spots in Anaheim That You Need to Visit

Located in sunny California, Anaheim is one of the most popular destinations for sun-seekers. In fact, millions of tourists flock to the city during the colder months.

Anaheim is known as one of the best destinations for some fun under the sun. And with so many attractions in store, this city is perfect for both children and adults.

While Disneyland is its most famous attraction, it’s not the only reason why you must visit Anaheim. It’s rich in sumptuous food and drinks, as well as places that will either give you an adrenaline rush or relax you.

Here’s more about the best spots in Anaheim.

The Best Spots

1. Disneyland Park

Anaheim Disneyland Park
Image by thetravelin3 via Tripadvisor

Anaheim is home to Disneyland Park, the world’s most famous theme park. In all frankness, it would be a shame to pass on a chance to visit it. That’s regardless if you’re coming with or without kids. After all, you still have your inner child hiding deep within.

Designed by Walt Disney, the park opened in 1955 and has grown a lot since then. Today, you can explore eight themed areas, each with a unique flavor and style. The iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle is also there and is a sight you’ll never miss out on.

Numerous themed rides also await you behind the walls of Disneyland Park. Since Disney now owns Star Wars, you can also visit the Galaxy’s Edge. And while you’re there visit the iconic cantina featured in the Star Wars movie, A New Hope.

Keep in mind that you might have to place an advance order if you want to make your very own lightsaber. 

2. Vans Skatepark

Anaheim Vans Skatepark
Image by Management via Tripadvisor

The Vans Skatepark in The Outlets is a piece of heaven on Earth for all skateboarding aficionados. It doesn’t matter if there’s an outdoor skate park in your hometown – this is something else. In fact, it’s one of the most awesome things to do in Anaheim.

The park offers 20,000 square feet of skating space. It features a vertical wall, a variety of ramps, a flatland section, and so much more.

But if your child doesn’t yet know how to skate, you can pay for on-the-spot lessons. While they won’t become pro in a day, they’ll learn enough to have fun. And if they’re already skilled skaters, they can go for an open skate.

What’s best, you can rent all the necessary equipment right there. 

3. Anaheim Packing District

Anaheim Packing House

If you’re in town for a few days, you should make time to visit Anaheim Packing District. This unique part of the city offers a range of unique restaurants and cafes. Also, you can catch many outdoor events, as they’re quite popular with the locals.

The district also includes some historic renovated buildings. The list includes the Packing House and the famous Packard Building.

If you’re in the mood for Japanese or Italian food, the Packing District is the place to be. Vietnamese and Indian too.

The area is also home to some of the city’s best bars and breweries. Drop by for a glass of fine wine or a pint of artisan beer.

Finally, places like the Mezzanine Stage have live music. Anaheim’s popular and up and coming artists perform there regularly.

4. Flightdeck Simulator

Anaheim Flightdeck Simulator
Image by v_spassov via Tripadvisor

Are you on the hunt for some of the coolest and best spots in Anaheim? If so, pin the Flightdeck Simulator on your radar. It’s a unique experience, to say the least, and every visitor should try it at least once.

But what does the Simulator offer? 

You can become a fighter jet pilot for the day and rule the virtual skies above Anaheim. Choose among a range of historical aircraft and become a true Top Gun. And you can even compete against other pilots.

Do note that anyone who wants to try it out must be 11 years and older.

5. Center Street

Anaheim Center Street

The Center Street Promenade is among the best places to eat in Anaheim. While the restaurants in the Packing District are on the high-end range, Center Street will give you a true taste of Anaheim. 

It showcases numerous street fairs and art shows, as well as the farmer’s market. This street is also where you can hop aboard the famous Polly the Trolley. It will take you straight to the Packing House. But do note that you can only catch it on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

And by all means, grab a taco and a glass of pressed juice when you’re there.

6. Sky Zone

Anaheim Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park
Image by Tracy W via yelp

The Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park opened in 2012. It was the first of its kind in the world and it’s still the most popular today.

The place is huge and broken into several zones. You can play Ultimate Dodgeball in one area and move to the next for a SkyRobics fitness class. And if you’re feeling competitive, you can also play a game of SkySlam while you’re there.

But if you want a slightly less intense experience, you can hop over to the Foam Zone pit. It has 10,000 foam cubes and is the perfect place to relax before the next high-intensity activity.

7. Yorba Park

Anaheim Yorba Park
Image by CrankingChick via Tripadvisor

After all the high-adrenaline action, you may want to take some time to wind down. Head on to Yorba Regional Park where you’ll find the prettiest vistas in the city. In fact, it’s one of the best places to hang out in Anaheim. 

The sprawling park is the perfect place to take a peaceful stroll among the trees. The sun that shines through the treetops will warm you even in the winter months.

You can also access the local lakes via the Yorba Park. Keep in mind that you’ll have to traverse the park’s hiking trails to reach them.

The Best of Anaheim

Whether you’re just after food or some fun activities, you’ll find them all in Anaheim. The legendary Disneyland Park is the city’s top attraction, but it’s not the only reason for you to go and visit this city.

Food lovers will adore the unique restaurants found in the Packing District. But for the best street food, you should go to Center Street.

If adrenaline is the name of your game, Anaheim delivers in spades. Sky Zone, Flightdeck Simulator, and the Vans Skatepark are your best bets. But if you’d rather have some peace and quiet, Yorba Regional Park is the most relaxing spot in the city.

While most people go to Anaheim to escape the cold, you can go and visit anytime you like.

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The Seven Spots in Anaheim That You Need to Visit