7 Best Restaurants in Boston You Must Visit

7 Best Restaurants in Boston You Must Visit

Treat yourself to some of the finest dining the city has to offer.

It’s well-known that Boston has a sprawling dining scene. In fact, this historical city offers everything – from traditional to premium international cuisine. There’s local seafood, delicious Italian dishes, delicate Asian flavors, and more to choose from. And as a big bonus, you can enjoy the meals in the unique Boston setting.

The choice of location is generous as well. You’ll find unique restaurants in Boston at various places, ranging from the oceanside to the renowned downtown streets. Pick any of the 7 best restaurants in Boston from our list and have an unforgettable culinary experience.

1. Brassica Kitchen and Cafe

Boston Brassica Kitchen and Cafe

At the southern tip of Jamaica Plain, Brassica Kitchen and Cafe is a hidden gem. A cafe by day, it turns into a creative restaurant by the evening. The menu has both local and international specialties. And the dishes come with a unique style that’s seldom found in other eateries.

Besides the local and seasonal ingredients, the restaurant also has various fermented foods on offer. The fried chicken and risotto stand out, but the rest of the menu can easily compete. Even in its cafe form, Brassica has excellent homemade pastries and sandwiches.

Not a traditional restaurant by any means, this is a place you should make sure to visit.

2. Merengue Restaurant

Boston Merengue Restaurant

Specializing in Dominican cuisine, Merengue has been in business for decades. Its cozy, colorful interior is as inviting as the dishes. The restaurant also has another famous staple – the cocktails. The list is quite extensive, ranging from mojitos to daiquiris and more.

While you could go for the more familiar pork chops or steaks, we’d recommend trying the Caribbean delicacies. There’s even plantain-based food like mofongo or stuffed tostones. There are so many options but make sure to try one of the dishes with the famed chimichurri sauce.

Merengue is considered among the best seafood restaurants in Boston, so fish, shrimps, or lobster are always a great choice.

3. El Oriental de Cuba

Boston El Oriental de Cuba

Small and inconspicuous, El Oriental de Cuba is a place for some serious bites. In the heart of Jamaica Plain, this diner is known as one of the best Cuban restaurants in Boston. It offers soups, rice specials, vegetarian, meat, and seafood dishes. 

The absolute stars of El Oriental de Cuba are the sandwiches. While this might seem a strange spotlight for a restaurant, one taste of the Specialty Cuban will explain it all. It takes a special skill to produce a sandwich that can compete with a full restaurant meal. Yet, El Oriental de Cuba manages just that.

To round up the perfect Cuban meal, make sure to try the flavorful Cuban coffee or one of their wonderful tropical shakes.

4. Toro

Boston Toro Restaurant

Contrasting some of the more casual restaurants, Toro is a high-end dining venue. It might be challenging to book a table at this South End restaurant, but there’s a good reason for that. It’s because the cuisine is mainly based on Spanish tapas – both traditional and with a modern twist.

The menu has everything, from simple grilled dishes to daring, complex combinations. The seafood is top-quality, ranging from a variety of fish to grilled octopus. The meat tapas are also excellent and there’s a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. Don’t miss some of the more delicate, complex options, such as the Costillas Cortas short ribs.

Provided you manage to get in, Toro is a premium fine dining venue everyone should experience.

5. Chickadee

Boston Chickadee Restaurant

Tucked away on the east side of Seaport, Chickadee offers a great blend of local and Mediterranean cuisine. The incredible variety of delicacies can satisfy every taste. There’s black truffle bigoli, or wild boar, for the meat-eaters. While those interested in seafood will enjoy the squid ink fusilli. The vegetarian semolina gnocchi is a treat for the taste buds.

Chickadee is considered one of the top Seaport restaurants. The Portugal and Mediterranean-inspired flavors are exciting and fine-tuned. Having one of the tasty meals from the menu on the gorgeous waterfront is an unforgettable experience.

The restaurant is young, especially by Boston standards. However, it’s a comfortable and smooth-running place.

6. Row 34

Boston Row 34 Restaurant

It’s hard to get a reservation at the best seafood restaurants in Boston and Row 34 counts as one of them. 

This restaurant is spearheading the development of the dining scene in the Fort Point area of the Seaport. The casual oyster bar atmosphere is a big selling point for Row 34. Yet, you should keep in mind that the restaurant is highly popular and free tables are always limited.

The seafood is fresh out of the water, and the lobster rolls deserve a special highlight. There are some vegetarian dishes as well, but almost no meat options. But whoever comes to Row 34 doesn’t expect anything other than premium seafood anyway. It’s the main focus of the restaurant after all, with everything on the menu made to perfection.

Row 34 has a wine card on the same level of quality as the meals. So if you’re looking for restaurants in Boston, make sure to get a booking in the lobster rolls capital.

7. Ya

Boston O Ya Restaurant

A hidden gem of the Leather District of Chinatown, O Ya attracts new customers with its incredible sushi courses. The omakase menu is nightly-designed and features a variety of sushi and cooked dishes. You can even pair the order with traditional Asian or local beverages.

The essential dish to try, though, might not be about the seafood at all. You’ll find wagyu beef on the menu, and for anyone who hasn’t tried it, that’s a must. Bear in mind that the amazing meals at this award-winning restaurant have proportionate prices.

If you’d like to treat yourself to delicate, premium-quality food, make sure to pay O Ya a visit.

From Playful Street Food to Fine Dining

The choice of excellent restaurants in Boston is already huge, and it keeps growing. You can find a high-quality representative of almost every cuisine in the city. Even better, the authentic Boston city areas will make the whole experience unique and memorable.

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7 Best Restaurants in Boston You Must Visit