Here’s Why Boston Is a Perfect Winter Holiday Destination

Here’s Why Boston Is a Perfect Winter Holiday Destination

The city will warm up your heart even in the coldest winter.

There are many things to see and do in Boston all year round. But spend your winter holiday in Boston and you’re bound to return the next year.

Although Boston in winter weather can be quite cold, it’s still a perfect destination. The city tours and attractions are plentiful, as are the winter activities. 

Among the best things to do in Boston in December are various winter sports. However, if you’d rather spend time indoors, the superb Boston hotels, museums, and restaurants are available. You can enjoy the crisp winter air to the fullest or avoid it altogether. 

A perfect winter holiday is guaranteed when you spend it in this amazing city.

Ice Skating in Boston Common

Boston Common is the oldest public park in the USA. Surrounded by the most well-known streets of Boston, it’s centrally located and filled with history. 

The Common has seen many changes throughout the centuries. Today it’s the ideal landmark that gathers visitors throughout the year. No winter holiday in Boston should go without skating at the Frog Pond, the centerpiece of the Common.

The Frog Pond is open daily every winter. You can rent skates, take lessons, and spend a fun day right in the city’s core. But if the cold becomes too much, warm food and drinks are waiting in the Frog Pond Cafe. Ice skating at the Frog Pond should be one of the first things to do in Boston in December.

Once you show off all your skills on the ice, take a stroll through Boston Common. The park is famous for its beauty and the cityscape is visible from every point. Just beyond the treeline, the busy streets offer everything – from shopping to historical routes.

Breathtaking Museums

Boston is undoubtedly a city of culture and history. A casual walk through its streets will take you back to the pivotal moments in the nation’s formative years. But if walking in the cold isn’t your cup of tea, though, the indoor museums have just as much to offer.

For a deep dive into history, start with the Commonwealth Museum. The unique exhibits and great staff will have a lot to show and tell you about the past. The Museum of African American History tells a fascinating story about the roots of the African American community in Boston. Of course, the city that started it all has many museums dedicated to the Revolution. Boston Tea Party Ships and the USS Constitution are particularly notable.

Art lovers also have plenty to look forward to. The Museum of Fine Arts houses world-renowned classics. Meanwhile, the Institute of Contemporary Art covers the other side of the artistic spectrum by focusing on the modern. As a stand-out experience, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a world in itself and a must-see.

All these don’t even scratch the surface of the rich Boston museum scene. As the crown of your winter holiday in Boston, take the ultimate tour and follow the Freedom Trail. You’ll experience the city’s very streets become the most immersive exhibition.

Skiing and Snowshoeing

The nearest mountain slopes are less than a half-hour’s drive away from Boston. Those willing to drive a bit further will discover over a dozen skiing centers. 

From beginners to night tracks, the wider city area has it all. The nearby White Mountains are an awesome destination on their own. Visiting them should be high on your list of things to do in Boston in December.

The winter sports hubs that surround Boston have a price range to fit every budget. They offer rentals, ski schools, and excellent resorts even for brief visits. Some centers even guarantee snowy conditions or they’ll replace your tickets for another day.

Besides skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing is a perfect way to traverse the winter landscape. Surprisingly, snowshoeing through the city center is even better. In Boston, you can rent snowshoes or cross-country skis and take them to the streets. Combine the best of snow sports and city touring and snowshoe your way to the most popular spots. Boston Common, the Esplanade, and Jamaica Plain are just some of the favorite destinations.

The city proper has other winter sports covered, too. Among the colorful Boston neighborhoods, you can enjoy sledding, snow tubing, or curling. The winter village of Snowport is explicitly designed for fun, outdoor activities.

Pubs, Taverns, and Restaurants

It’s no surprise that even having a drink in Boston is a history-filled experience. 

Some of the most popular pubs and taverns in Boston have been in business for decades. Other historical bars are centuries old, getting their start during the Revolution era. But these aren’t mere museums that conveniently serve drinks and food. Come down to an authentic Irish pub or a time-defying tavern from the 1800s and you’ll discover the lively spirit of Boston.

Contrasting the traditional taverns, Boston’s restaurants range from international to take-out joints. You can choose between Italian, Asian, South American, Filipino, and many others.

Boston’s exquisite dining scene covers various approaches to cuisine. Explore the city’s restaurants and you’ll find both traditional and contemporary offers.

Excellent Hotels with Even Better Prices

Boston hotels are well adjusted for potentially harsh winters. This doesn’t only include the amenities but the price deals as well. 

Many hotels, including the more luxurious, have lower room prices during the winter. Some even adjust the rates according to the temperature. The Colonnade Hotel, for example, will charge the dollar amount of the measured temperature on the day.

The beautiful sight of Boston in winter weather will be that much more lovely when seen from a cozy hotel room. The holiday season is the perfect time to stay at a premium downtown hotel at an affordable price.

Spend the Perfect Winter Holiday in Boston

Boston constitutes the very core of American history. At the same time, it’s a vivid, modern metropolis. Whether you want a peaceful holiday or a few weeks of fun, Boston is the place to be. You won’t mind even the harshest weather once you’re immersed in the city.

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Here’s Why Boston Is a Perfect Winter Holiday Destination