Everything’s Bigger in Texas – The Six Things to See in Austin

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – The Six Things to See in Austin

Austin is known as the state capital of Texas. While most are familiar with it as a college town, it’s really among the state’s most exciting destinations.

Austin has a long and rich history. It’s played a key role in the world of music, politics, and the armed forces, among others. And all of these are even evident to this day. Of course, there’s also a lot to be said about its abundance of flora and fauna.

But don’t mistake this city to be outdated and not worth checking out. This city will prove you wrong. And you’ll be glad it did. 

With that said, here are six things to see in Austin.

Things to See

1. Texas State Capitol

Texans aren’t joking when they say that everything is bigger in Texas. The Texas State Capitol building is proof enough – it was once the tallest building of its kind in the USA.

There are taller and bigger capitol buildings in other states today, but the one in Austin is still a sight to behold. In fact, the architecture is gorgeous enough to rival the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

Don’t be mistaken. The interior is as impressive as the exterior, as it has rooms and hallways that are huge and beautifully decorated.

Tours of the State Capitol run two to three times every hour. The tour guides are experts on the building and even the history of the Lone Star State in general. If you want to take your time, you can book a self-guided tour instead.

This architectural marvel should be on everyone’s list of things to see in Austin.

2. Austin Nature & Science Center

If you’re looking for things to do in East Austin, you can visit the Austin Nature & Science Center. Here, you can enjoy some quiet time and a relaxing walk in the park. Your children will also have a chance to learn about local animals and plants.

There are several forest trails at your disposal. One, in particular, runs through signs of 40+ species of trees characteristic to the local area. You’ll find info on each along the way, making your walk invigorating and educational at the same time.

Do your kids love dinosaurs? If so, they’ll have a grand time here. The center’s Dino Pit is not a classic dinosaur exhibition. Instead of just looking at the artifacts on display, your kids will get a chance to dig up a variety of fossils.

The best thing about the center is that the admission is free. However, check the opening times before paying a visit because it may be modified due to the COVID-19 situation.

3. Austin Aquarium

If you need more things to do in Austin with Kids, the Austin Aquarium is your best bet. It’s open from 10AM to 8PM, with most people spending about two hours on average on each visit.

The aquarium offers a wide range of interactive experiences. You and the young ones will find numerous species of fish and marine animals. Aside from that, there are also mammals, birds, and reptiles for you to check out.

Your kids can also get up close to stingrays, sharks, and even lemurs for an additional fee. They can feed the animals, pet them, and also play with some of them.

If your children would like to know more about what goes on behind the scenes, you can take one of the “morning round” tours. They’ll be able to observe how the workers prepare the terrariums and water tanks for the public.

4. iFly Indoor Skydiving

Want to try skydiving but can’t quite summon enough courage for it? 

iFly Indoor Skydiving has a solution. You can get all the adrenaline of a regular jump without jumping off an airplane. 

But, how does it work?

At iFly, you will enter a vertical wind tunnel where the wind will lift you up. And it will feel real because the wind might blow as fast as 175 miles per hour. If you’re a beginner, a flight instructor will guide you through the experience. You’ll even get a certificate to take home.

The standard package includes two flights, and you also get all the safety gear on the spot. Each session lasts about 75 minutes and the tunnel can take up to six people at a time.

Indoor skydiving is one of the best things to do in North Austin, and it’s something you should try out.

5. Moody Theater

Running out of things to do in downtown Austin? You might want to give the Moody Theater a shot. It’s the city’s premier place for live music shows. In fact, your favorite bands must have performed there at one point or another.

The Moody Theater is also where they film Austin City Limits (ACL) Live, the oldest music series in the United States. That means you’ll be visiting one of the most famous live music venues in the country. The locals even like to call it the live music capital of the United States and the world.

The theater has a total of 2,700 seats split into three sections or levels. You can access the lower level without a reservation, but the other two require it. Note that ticket prices can vary a lot.

6. Texas Military Forces Museum

If you want to know more about the military history of Texas, head on over to the Texas Military Forces Museum. And like everything else in Texas, it’s huge. You might want to put on a pair of comfortable walking shoes when paying a visit.

There are three galleries in this museum.

The first and second galleries focus on the 19th century. It’s where you will see plenty of items and learn about the history of the Texas Militia, among other things. These galleries also cover the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War.

The third gallery covers everything from the end of World War One to today. You will see here numerous weapons, battle dioramas, and military equipment during that period.

Everything Is Bigger in Texas

Texas is the largest of the contiguous United States and among its cities, Austin is known as the most beautiful.

While the State Capitol dominates the downtown and is on top of the list for most first-time visitors, its other attractions are also worth seeing.

Don’t miss out on some wonderful music at the Moody Theater. Learn more about history at the Texas Military Forces Museum. Pay a visit to the city’s aquarium and Nature and Science Center for a relaxing experience. And if you’re looking for adventure, there’s indoor skydiving for you to try out.

Everyone will find something to enjoy here.

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas – The Six Things to See in Austin